Monday, September 27, 2010

31. "Well you smell!"...See anyone can do it

 I have often wanted to punch a person in their face. Usually this urge comes over me while I'm at work and it always seems to involve an annoying person who smells like poop. I have had many urges to punch somebody but I can say I have never been in a fight. Not a physical fight, even though I have had my fist clinched in some situations. I just have never come up with anything or situation that is worth hitting somebody. If your going to fight it better be for something good not because somebody spilled a drink on you.

31. "Well you smell!"...See I can do it tooooo
 I can't stand fighting. I just do not see how punching somebody or hitting them accomplishes ANYthing. Add in the possible assault charges that you could get and any adult should be able to control themselves from doing bodily harm to another human being. Nobody looks cute behind bars not even Lindsay Lohan, serious criminal records stick harder then some STD'S. Whenever a confrontation happens it usually involves some taunting possibly some liquor maybe some bad blood and of course people with no self-control. It's not hard to taunt somebody or insult them so don't think making somebody angry enough to hit you is an accomplishment. Since reality tv has taken over our lives you should be able to get your lifetime dose of stupid fights by watching an episode of Jersey Shore or Bad Girls Club. Be the bigger person or the smarter person, just be the person who is able to just walk away from a dumb situation. If you want to suck then be the idiot trying to provoke somebody so you can get out whatever anger issues you feel that will be helped by punching somebody. If your a bully and like to taunt people then you are a sucky person that will end up in jail so I advise practicing your pose for your mugshot early Paris Hilton might be able to help you out she has the pose down. Now if some crazy comes at you then its game on!

Sooo who would've thought moving somewhere randomly while having your salary cut in half would not end up exactly as you planned in your head....obviously not me! In the latest episode of my life we can all talk about how many bad decisions can I make before I'm 25. I am pretty sure I can get a few more good ones in within a year. Since I would've never moved if I knew how much I was getting paid so some of my decisions could be put in the file of misinformed choices. But misinformed or not I am well on my way to living in a cardboard box which sucks because cardboard boxes do not look very comfy and I kinda like showering everyday. Ahhhh I really do hope that one day I can actually dig myself out of the enormous hole I've dug and be able to relax even if it is only for a little bit. Sad thing is I found a degree that I'm excited about but unless I grow a money tree looks like thats not going to work out. Back to the drawing board.....To be continued.

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