Tuesday, September 14, 2010

23. Blame it on.......umm yourself?

Blame it by Jamie Foxx was my jam when it came out and I can get with what the song is saying. Alcohol easily lowers inhibitions which leads people to make bad decisions. My whole issue with people saying, "oh it is ok that I did it because I was drunk" or "I wouldn't have done that if I was sober" is that it is a cop out. Trust me I have been drunk enough to the point where I am literally comatose and I will take responsibility for all of my actions. Yep, even the dumb ones were all me. You made the choice to drink or the choice to steal something or the choice to wear jean on jean or the choice to do the cupid shuffle. You are making those choices so if they come back to smack you (*sidenote* after I finish my campaign against driving scooters on public roads I am working on getting the cupid shuffle banned) you only have yourself to blame.

23. Blame it on.......umm yourself?
Let me break this down into the important question everyone should ask themselves when they are in a bad situation: who, what, where, why and when. When did I get to this terrible place I didn't want to go, why am I in this ugly place, where can I go from here, what should I do differently to prevent myself from getting back here, and who can I blame for where I am. Drumroll on this last statement please.......YOURSELF. You can try to justify the road you traveled and why you traveled it all you want but in the end the only person in that jail cell is you buddy. I will give you a little leeway because you likely had some assistance getting to the sucky place you are at, some people are dealt unbelievably crappy cards. But I have seen people make it through the biggest obstacles I could ever imagine that were put in front of them so everybody has the opportunity to succeed the only thing is not everybody is strong enough to do it. Can you honestly say your entire life you been suppressed and not allowed to achieve anything? I'm not buying it. So don't be a sucky person that blames all the poor life choices on everything but themselves.

Day off tomorrow!!!!! Sooo happy I do not have to deal with drugged up idiots who think were trying to steal their drugs from them. I am thinking that even if I accomplish nothing tomorrow it will be considerably better then spending the day at work. I plan to clean since for the first time in three weeks Bhavisha's mattresses are actually in her bedroom. It is so weird to walk into our apartment and not see a mattress slouched on the wall next to her box spring. Now I will be forced to do some cleaning maybe workout a little possibly do an assignment or two and I absolutely have to hit the bank. Exciting day ahead of me tomorrow so I need some beauty rest. Night!

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