Sunday, September 19, 2010

28. Wait I'm confused do you like them or not?

Here is a synopsis on how the circle of your people works and no I'm not talking about on a cellphone I'm talking in life. Ok so there is you and you are the center of your circle because you can't really leave yourself. The first ring is the people you love, the ring after that is made up of the people you like, then the ring after that is the people you kinda like, and the people that don't even make a ring who are floating around outer space because you just don't  like them.

28. Wait I'm confused do you like them or not?
It is quite alright to not like people and choose to avoid them at all times. It is not ok to not like somebody but every time you see them in person you run and hug them then continually tell them how cool they are. Not only is this little practice, which I like to refer to as Foe-Friendship, confusing but it is also sucky. Lets write this little rule in cement: do not smile to somebodies face then as soon as they turn their back talk about how you can't stand them. Usually people only maintain a Foe-Friend relationship if they get some kind of benefit from it such as free drinks or rides or food. If somebody only calls you when they need a ride and not when they want to do something else like hangout then they are using you. They do not like you and you giving them rides all the time will not make them like you. If you are only called on certain occasions where your presence is beneficial to them then you are not in any of their circles circles so don't keep them in yours. Stop you foe-friendships because honestly they are sucky and in the end somebody always ends up with dirt in their eye. It is not fun having dirt in your eye, it hurts like really bad so avoid it!

I am going to go out on a limb and say tonight was a good night while hoping I don't suddenly get a bomb dropped on me for calling it early. Manning bowl ended with the Indianapolis Colts walking away with a  nice victory. The Colts actually looked like the team that almost went undefeated last year and thankfully they did not look like the terrible team that played last Sunday. Also I think I have turned my roommate into a football fan! She said, "Now that I watched it I think it's kinda cool". Now this makes me happy because hopefully I won't be the girl sitting at the bar alone watching games because go ahead and say it that girl always looks a little lonely. So I am going to say this Sunday was a pretty good Sunday which I hope that means that this week will be a good week.......only time will tell Nighty Night

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