Sunday, September 12, 2010

21. Follow the yellow brick road but don't be mad about where you end up

There are times when I am confident enough in my abilities to be a leader so those are the times when I lead. Then there are times when I believe somebody else knows more than I do so those are the times that I follow. There are also those times when I could care less what happens so I just go along with whatever the majority decides. I am pretty laid back and try to take things as they come. I just can't stand when the people who are always the ones never to plan the vacations or pick the restaurant are the first people to announce they don't like the decision that was made.

21. Follow the yellow brick road but don't be mad about where you end up
Ok so the path that is already worn in and well traveled will always be the best way to go. It means you do not have to break out the map yourself which is always a plus. Also why would you want to drive when you could be the passenger. Personally I really could do either it just depends on my mood. Now when you follow people or ride passenger then decide not to speak up until you reach your destination then you only have yourself to blame. You suck if you are the person who gets somewhere then complains when they get there because it is not where they wanted to go. Guess what compliance is the same thing as making a decision. So next time you are in a group and get the feeling you are going the wrong way speak up. When your leader asks if anybody has any suggestions speak up. When you reach the end and you never said anything along the way shut your mouth. Saying I told you so is rude and annoying. So don't be a sucky person and place the blame on the one person who had the guts to make some decisions. Speak now or forever hold your peace does not only pertain to weddings.

Hmm the Colts game did not go exactly how I envisioned it going but there is still a whole season for them to hit their stride. What is on my agenda for the rest of the day? Well since you asked I am actually going to do some homework until something comes along to distract me. I think a trip to Tybee might happen if Bhavisha makes it out of Homesgoods anytime in the near future. I could use a walk on the beach and a boozy tdaiquiri to forget the bad football game. Happy Funday Sunday!!!Later :)

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