Friday, September 10, 2010

18. Is it Halloween? Then why are you wearing a costume

Halloween is really high on my list of top ten holidays, I love any holiday that involves me drinking with all my friends while wearing a costume or t-shirt.(Yes, I really do have a list of the top ten best holidays and Christmas is not even on it.) I think people love to put on costumes because it gives them a chance to be anybody they want to be while getting a break from being themselves. I love costumes on Halloween but on any other day of the year I like people to be who they are. It sucks when you really think you know somebody then they do something that makes you question if you ever really knew them.

18. Is it Halloween? Then why are you wearing a costume?
BE YOU! Best advice anybody could ever give somebody it would be to be themselves no matter what. If you are a douche then be a douche don't pretend to be nice at first then later on suddenly morph into super douche. If you like to sleep around then admit you sleep around don't pretend your all innocent then when all the people you've hooked up with come to light you will look dumb. Nobody likes to feel like they were tricked. I think people were more mad about tiger woods sleeping around on his wife because he tried so hard to portray the wholesome good guy. Be honest you will get more respect that way. People that pretend to be something their not suck.

I was going somewhere else with this but now i'm tired and going to bed. Something involving how I don't get what the point of bacon flavored vegetarian products or non-alcoholic beer. But I will visit those complaints another day.I could edit this later but I probably won't because my laziness usually wins. Helllooo weekend your so close I can almost see you.

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