Monday, September 13, 2010

22. I forgive you but I am going to remind you of your transgression against me for the rest of your life :)

An eye for an eye right? Revenge will make you feel better. Anger is always the best emotion to make a decision or justify an answer. I am going to say no to all the above. Bitterness, anger, and rage are just ugly emotions that benefit nobody. There are things that you do and people do that are just unforgivable, things happen. Those situations suck and just breed negativity so when you lose a relationship where the person can not forgive you it is important you forgive yourself. Vice versa even if you can not forgive somebody personally you have to forgive their actions, expel them out of your life and move on. Spending years getting pissed off about the same incident repeatedly and you will find yourself in the exact same spot you started in.

22. I forgive you but I am going to remind you of your transgression  against me for the rest of your life :)
If the words I forgive you come out of your mouth you should probably mean them. I have seen people accept an apology then turn around and punish the person for what they did repeatedly. Here is a crazy suggestion if you do not really forgive somebody do not say you do. I know crazy talk. But it really seems to me life would be a lot less stressful if people were upfront about their thoughts. Add this to your life rules: forgiveness is almost never unrestricted so to be fair let the other person know you do not handing them a free pass. Say I don't fully forgive you now but I think I will someday. Simple and it lets them know that everything is not butterflies and rainbows again. If you say you forgave what they did but you are still using it as ammo when it benefits you then you did not forgive them you just pretended too. People that going around collecting ammo or keeping score just waiting for the opportunity to use against somebody are sucky people. We all make mistakes forgive us or don't forgive us but don't give a false impression of neutrality.

I pretty much love my work schedule this week. Work two days, then off a day, then work two more days, and then off for the weekend. I could get used to these hours if only the pay rate and actual job didn't make me want to punch something. And no I still have not opened a textbook. Oh well I am still in the process of writing out my life, I think the dream job will just come to me in my sleep or in some dramatic epiphany. When I know then I will know. Until then back to the day job.


  1. I need to figure out what I want to do in life!! I have no idea what my dream job would be!

  2. I know me either! I feel like I am going to be 70, still in college, broke, and still be looking for something to be passionate about. Oh well at least by then I will have an awesome motorized scooter to get around on haha.