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Monday, August 30, 2010

11. Ignorance is bliss but only if you know your ignorant

Confusing? Yess. Now let me explain, rule of thumb you are only as dumb as the last question you asked. It is better to admit you don't know something then to look dumb trying to pretend like you do. Still confused? Hmmm things get lost in translation so easily. Let me try to explain my thought process which is hard because sometimes I don't even get it. Now what I mean is everyone has a brain that is capable of learning and growing. Now some brains grow and learn faster than other brains but anybody can learn. Next point is that people who choose ignorance do it because for a short time it is the easy thing to do. An example would be choosing not to look up your grades for a few weeks because you would rather party it up with the bit of hope you didn't fail the class you never attended. It's ok because you're just buying yourself some more stress free moments. You are choosing to be ignorant but you know your doing it. You also know that the information is out there and once you receive it your in the know again. My former head pharmacist Jay always said ignorance is the best defense. This is because when people come to tell you that you did something you can't do if you say you didn't know you couldn't do it then they will just say don't do it again. Faking ignorance could actually save you one day remember that.

11. Ignorance is BLISS...But only if you know your ignorant
Now let's talk about the truly ignorant people out there. We all have encountered one a time or two, their the people that no matter what you tell them they retain nothing.  It's the people that still claim the Holocaust  didn't happen. Ignorant. Or the people who believe every stereotype like all black people eat friend chicken or that all Asians do nails. Ignorant. Then it's the people that say they hate all gay people or just say they hate a whole demographic. IGNORANT. It is not physically possible for somebody to have met every person in a demographic so that statement should never come out of any body's mouth. Sad part is these people do not even realize that they are ignorant, ignorant people suck.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

10. Pity Parties are Lame

I love a good party. Really any kind of party just tell me when and where and I will show up likely holding a bottle of Captain. Housewarming party, going away party, birthday party, welcome home party, hotel party, even a rockband party any occasion you want to celebrate I will be down to join as long as I don't have work or school. Yes I do love to booze but I am still responsible-ish. Anyway one party I don't enjoy being invited too would be a pity party.

10. Pity parties are lame
You know when you are listening to somebody tell you story after story of how much they suck at life and all you can say is agree with them. There is only so much a person can take, I do think sometimes people just need to vent while having somebody listen then they can move one. Thats fine and understandable we all need to release things somehow. But seriously people have you not seen the cartoon Winnie the Pooh? Eeyore was pretty depressing even though he was very cute he brought the mood down. Pity parties are boring and lame so try to keep them to a minimum. If you are invited to pity parties frequently bring captain with you, it will help.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Day :)

Soo today I officially made it through half of my dvd collection! I know very impressive what can I say i'm a girl of many talents. When you have literally been on an extended vacation that was unplanned you run out of things to do while trying to save money. Anyway I wasn't really feeling like blogging today so i'm the sucky person right now :( Tomorrow is a new day that will bring a whole new post promise. Actually tomorrow should be a very non-sucky day because Laura will be here so I will have a partner in crime. It will be a much needed break from the stress of not knowing anything around here and missing everyone I know. Night!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

9. Ayo Debbie

Describing words. Those dang adjectives that we use to somehow tell people who we are or to tell people who somebody else is. It's hard isn't it? Problem with describing people is that people change so often you can only describe them in the moment that you know them. Somebody that was bad in high school could be a good born again Christian five years later. Or someone you would have described as goofy could easily become somebody sophisticated through the years. That is kind of the beauty of life, we all will get more opportunities to grow that staying same the exact person for 80 years is almost impossible. If you had to put yourself into lets say five words, who would you say you were or even more dangerous how do you think somebody else would put you into five words. Hmm five words to describe myself right now.....Friendly-Patient-Adaptable-Awkward-Positive

Ok so right now I am in the optimistic hopeful mood because things really can't get too much worse. So I went pretty easy on myself but I need to get to the today's topic. If somebody described me I hope they would say that for the most part I am a positive person. I have my moments of bitterness trust me but I try to be optimistic especially about situations that can't be changed. If something happens complaining about it constantly probably won't change the situation. Life is short and full of so many possibilities dwelling on the negative is worthless. People that constantly remind you of what is wrong with the world are downers. Debbie Downers actually.

9. Ayo Debbie
I know everybody has had a debbie downer experience (what do they call  depressing guys... negative nick? haha works for me). Any experience can be brought down faster then an anchor if you have a person who will constantly point out what is bad about it. Actually Debbie downers and Negative Nicks are anchors, they keep things from moving in a positive direction. Not only is it annoying when you have to listen to somebody who just won't stop complaining it can really kill the mood.  They can make a bad experience worse. So when something bad happens assess the damage, pick yourself up and move on. Seriously if I can pick one trait that any successful happy person has it would probably be that their positive even when they have every reason not to be. See the sun in the rain. Carpe Diem. Whatever gets you smiling do it. I promise you nobody will ever tell you they regret that they were too positive throughout their lives. So in case you didn't pick up on it all you Debbie Downers and Negative Nicks you suck. Quit being sucky people and go live a little! Go play with a puppy or something geez

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8. Do not incovenience others

This one is short, sweet, and to the point
Its the person going through the self-checkout line in the grocery store with a cart full of groceries.
No even worse it's the person in the 10 item or less line with 30 items
Then its when you let somebody borrow something like a dvd or shirt then they keep it and you don't have it when you need it
It's the two people having a conversation oblivious to the fact they are blocking the entire path for everybody else
Now its the dog poop you stepped in that was left in your front lawn...oh wait you don't have a dog

8. Do not incovenience others
Inconveniencing others for your own convenience is what a sucky person does. You want to know why express lines move slow it is probably the dude with a cart full of groceries. Defeats the whole purpose of the express line right. Yes I get that you are trying to save yourself time but do you realize that by saving yourself time you are tying up a lot of other peoples. Not nice and a very sucky move in case you were wondering.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7. Do What You Say Your Going to Do

In case your did not know keeping your word is important because it is really the only thing most people you meet have to go on. If you go against your word a few times people will stop believing anything you say. Which if you have heard of the boy who cried wolf you know it is not a good idea to be the person nobody believes. Anyway today we are going to use a scene from the play You Suck At Life which is an one man show (off Broadway of course) that renacts moments of random suckyness. I highly recommend seeing it if you are more of a visual person it is very entertaining. Anyway I think a scene from the play go along very well with today's topic.

Scene 1: The setting is actually two places, the first one is an office and the second is a bar.
First Girl 1 calls her friend Girl 2 from her office.
Girl 1: Hey do you want to grab a drink later? I get off work at 6.
Girl 2: Umm...yeah...sure...ok. I can meet you there at 6:30. (Girl 2 is debating if she really feels like having a drink because she kinda feels like lounging on the couch.)
Girl 1: Are you sure you want to go? You don't have to if you have something else to do.
Girl 2: No it's cool I'm just being lazy.
Girl 1: Ok, just meet me at the bar because I will just go there right after work. See you later!
Girl 2: Sounds good!
Fast forward a few hours and Girl 1 is sitting at a bar all by herself.
Girl 1: It is 7:30 and I have been sitting at the bar by myself for almost an hour. She sent me a text saying she was about to leave 30 minutes ago.
Girl 2: Blahh I really don't want to go out now let me text her because I'm not moving from this couch.
Girl 1: Seriously. She is seriously not coming! If I would've known she didn't want to grab a drink I would've gone home after work. Man she sucks!
Scene ends with girl 1 sitting all alone at the bar, drinking by herself....sad scene I know

7. Do What You Say Your Going to Do
I understand we can not predict the future things happen which keep us from doing things that we planned on doing. Girl 2 was 80% sure she did not want to go out so why did she not just say that from the beginning? Having to cancel a plan because you got hit by a car or not doing something you said you were going to do because you have whooping cough is understandable. But since these events really do not happen that often I am going to let you know you are a sucky person if you don't do what you say you are going to do. It is so annoying when people say their going to do something with no intent of actually doing it. Usually when people know you are not going to show up they will make other plans it is that simple. Also it sucks when something doesn't get done like a  team homework or work assignment because the person that said they could do it doesn't. Don't be a sucky person if you have no intent of doing something then say it up front and if something comes up ask for help.

Sort of delirious today I think I have been getting way too much sleep. So that explains why this post is a little A.D.H.D. Goal for today will be too......dang I really need to work on finding something of substance to do tomorrow. Hopefully the post tomorrow will be a little more clearer but I can't make any promises.

Monday, August 23, 2010

6. Don't be a Brat

I do not have any kids and will not have any in the near future because I can't even afford to support myself let alone another human, I am young so I want to enjoy it, and I am selfish. You only get to be young and unconfined once so I am going to do everything I possibly can including but not limited too skydiving, plenty of foreign travel, a lot of late nights drinking/dancing, and whatever else I decide I want to do. You have a kid and they deserve to be your priority. Going out everyday of the week while you have a kid at home is not a good look.

Anyway children relate to this topic because children throw temper tantrums. They cry and scream throwing themselves on the ground sometimes when you tell them they can not have/do something. Kids really love to test the boundaries by doing things even after their parents have consistently told them not too. You all have been in public or at somebodies house where their kid is running around without any rules or limits. First you become very thankful that the kid is not yours then you realize you would not just let your kid run around being bad. I understand it is extremely hard to raise a kid, it is one of the hardest jobs out there that doesn't have set definitions for right or wrong way to do it. But letting your kid get away with doing something  because you do not want to deal with the crying or screaming does not teach them they can't be brats or always get what they want. Your really saying go through life being a brat then people will likely give you want you want because it is the easy thing to do.

6. Don't be a Brat
Now adults you want to know what a sucky person does when they do not get their way. They throw a temper tantrum! Okay so the adult temper tantrum is slightly different then a kid's temper tantrum but the actions are being used to accomplish the same goal. Adult temper tantrums are likely to involve some cussing, maybe some silent treatment, yelling is probable, and actually some adults might still throw themselves on the ground. They will likely do anything to make it hard for people to move on without pleasing the sucky person acting like a freaking baby. Old habits die hard. Life would be great if everybody got everything they wanted right when they wanted it right? Yeah I am going to go with a no on that one. I do not think that would be beneficial to anybody. Also it doesn't work because usually for one person to get what they want somebody has to be the one to compromise. So the whole point to this post is don't be a baby, when the time comes you do not get what you want either move on or use your adult words to express why you think you should get what you want.

So now on with the rest of my exciting day which involves 8 hours of computer training that I probably did five years ago. But I am trying to not be a brat, I am going to go do it without pouting and frowning. Well that is a lie I am not going to do it with a smile because I would like them to know that I do not want to be there. What can I say old habits die hard :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

5. Give More Than You Get

Today is Sunday which means for some people it's the day of the week you go to church or for others it is the day you will spend recovering from a terrible hangover. Either way Sunday is the day of rest so I am going to try to keep this post positive because after all who wants to have their rest interrupted by negativity :)

Now let me explain what I mean by give more than you get.....I do not mean you should live in a cardboard box and give all your possessions away. Because if you do that then won't you just become a person of need? I never quite understood those stories of people who were millionaires then they decided they're lives would be more fulfilled by giving all their money away while moving to Africa to build schools or wells or something. I respect anybody that chooses to do that I am just saying that person will likely not be me. One because I would choose to help the people I know first. Then two if you are smart enough to make millions be smart enough to teach others how to do it. Help others help themselves. Another side note the whole continent of Africa is not a poor destitute war zone. I love that people want to help people there but they should also realize that the people there are willing to help themselves too. Don't forget there are people who need help everywhere.

5. Give More Than You Get
A sucky person would be that greedy person. It is the person who takes what they need then takes extra because they can. Then they do not care if there is none left for the next person. Let me put a disclaimer in early, I am not saying your a bad person if you have money and don't go around giving it away. You worked for it you deserve to spend it how you please. Trust me I am far from being Mother Theresa. But I am saying help whenever you get a chance too and do not be greedy. Simple, thats it. And if you don't want to be a sucky person then whenever your in a position to help somebody do it with no strings attached and no expectations. Truthfully everyone will need help at some point in their lives. Also if your the friend that always rides instead of taking your turn to be the driver it will not take long before your friends would rather not pick you up. Also don't be cheap at the expense of other people, save money but don't do so by letting your friends spend theirs. It is all about balance give and take, balance leaves everybody a little less bitter.

I am now going to watch a movie and plan for tomorrow to be a super productive day.....at least a day that gets me out of my slump. My new idea is being positive because I have already gotten way more then I've deserved so I can't really complain. Sidenote: is it just me or are most of the blogs on here religious based?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

4. Do not Lie...I repeat do not Lie!!!

Where to even begin, not only does lying suck people that lie suck. With this one your in a lose-lose situation. I would actually be lying to you if I said I have never lied, everyone has done it at some point in their lives. Lying usually paves an easier road to walk on and 9 out of 10 times people don't get caught. I understand the thought process with lying because you feel that you are saving yourself from whatever or whoever.What I don't understand is how some people put themselves in a situation where they lie but know they will get caught sooner then later.

Let me think of a few examples....ooh once a friend of mine lied to my face well not my face because we were talking on the phone. Anyway it was about something that if she would've just told me the truth to begin with we would not have had any problems. But she lied to me once then had to lie to me again to attempt to cover up her other lies, this was all over the course of a weekend. Then she called me Sunday to apologize for part of the stuff she lied about because I had already knew she was lying. The point of the story is really if she had told me the truth to begin with I would have given my opinion and we would have been done. But instead I was mad she lied and for awhile I didn't talk to her. Just sucks that one bad move can erase years of decent ones. Do not risk it.

4. Do not Lie (or at least try to keep it to a minimum)
In most cases I always going to say it is better to tell the truth but a small lie like saying a meal someone cooked specially for you was good even if it wasn't is fine. I personally would rather keep things simple telling the truth leaves you with less to remember. Look around you to those people you know that always claim drama follows them, chances are it is not hard to pinpoint exactly where the drama started. Like when a guy or girl is practically married to somebody then cheats on this person with somebody else. Newflash people IF SOMEBODY IS WILLING TO LIE TO THEIR HUSBAND/WIFE WITHOUT HESITATION THEY WILL NOT HESITATE WHEN IT COMES TIME TO LIE TO YOU. Do not act surprised either because all your friends were letting you go along thinking you're clever but really if you could hear all the conversations they have when your not around they are calling you an idiot. Just think it through before you go around throwing around lies. If you feel that a small one is needed go ahead but don't say you weren't warned. When that 10th time rolls around your going to be the one looking like a sucky person.

Ooh and to warn anybody that reads this I just realized how to do update this blog thing through my cellphone! Which means very random side entries and even worse English sorry for ya.

Friday, August 20, 2010

3. Do not assume anything

Assuming sucks. Its sucks and most people do it on a daily basis,then get angry when what they assumed was going to happen doesn't happen. This is one of the reasons I suck at the moment because silly me assumed when you transfer with a company you shouldn't have to fill out a new application then take another drug test and then sit through 12 hours of new hire training. As I sat this this training which I am required to do all over again the only thing I could concentrate on was how much money and time is being wasted during the four hours of my life I will never get back.

I assumed companies welcome transfers because then they will not have to train them which saves them money. I assumed wrong. I then assumed that people actually know what they are talking about when it is their job to know what they are talking about. I assumed wrong. I assumed then when somebody says they are retiring it means they will never do something professionally again. Again Jay-z and Brett Favre proved I assumed wrong.

3. Do not assume anything
Anybody that has ever worked retail has had to deal with a customer that assumed something and after you let them know their request  is not reasonable somehow you are the idiot. I have worked retail pharmacy for almost five years and before that I worked in other areas that required customer service. So if you have been that person that has called management on a worker before because you didn't exactly what you wanted then you suck. In case nobody else has told you that I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but realize when you assume something and it doesn't go your way you have no reason to be angry with anybody but yourself. Just a little bit of advice on how not to suck :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2. Have Common Sense

Now I am not trying to proclaim that I have all the answers to everything but I am trying to figure out why we all do dumb things. One of the things I have decided that people lack is common sense. Now when most people make decisions I hope they try to envision what their actions will bring about. I define common sense as just knowing not to do dumb stuff. I will never understand why people will do things and then look at you as if they do not get why they didn't get the end result they were expecting. You know what people I am talking about, everybody has had that conversation where you find yourself nodding your head while in your mind you are just thinking why am I friends with somebody so dumb.

Let me find some examples....how about my new roomate whom I have known since the 3rd grade and I have asked her often if she thinks anything out. She for some reason just now realized that because of school she won't be making as much money since she can only work weekends and is worried about paying for our apartment. Now anybody else would have had this thought miles ago (I am only ok with this because I know her family will help her) but she just doesn't think about the end result of anything. I just don't get that because before I do something I think of all the possible outcomes, like if drink this 8th shot of Captain I will puke or pass out at the bar. I don't understand how people lack that thought process.

2. Have some freaking common sense
In the dictionary common sense is defined as the
sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence. Hmm this brings me the debate that extremely smart people lack common sense. I have heard people say that because your a brain scientist it is ok that you do not pick up on social cues. I think if I had the choice between being highly intelligent with little common sense or being of normal intelligence with a lot of common sense I would go with door number 2. There are just things that should not have to be discussed as in when somebody invites you for a cookout bring chips or something and when you walk out of a door look behind you to see if you should hold it open. Common freaking sense people!!!
Anyway this entry is a little bit crazy because I am one bottle of wine in and about to open another so sorry if it is hard to read. Love my family and miss them more then ever!! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1. Have a J-O-B

First post of my first blog so it can only get better from here....

I haven't worked for almost two weeks now and as week two comes to a close I can understand how people end up 800 pounds. In the last couple of weeks my main routine has involved eating while watching movies or eating while listening to music while putting stuff away. Of course I have done other things as in jogging the trail along the marshes, shopping for apartment necessities, doing pointless errands for other people, eating free Subway, shopping for more apartment stuff, being the sober driver for wasted puking people one night, using the free Internet at Starbucks, and grocery shopping. Since fifty percent of my life in the last two weeks has involved eating it leads me back to the 800 pound home bound dude. I can honestly see how that dude gets there, laying in my bed eating while watching movie's has become the bulk of my day. You get to the point when you ask yourself if it is even worth getting out of bed to accomplish nothing. If it weren't for the fact that I am a control freak who has to shower everyday I would be well on my way to being that girl who ate herself into bed.

I really do not know what people that don't work do all day. I feel like it has been years since I've been productive added to the fact that the Internet and/or TV do not make up for normal human contact. I've had two moments recently that actually scared me and if it weren't for my family and friends keeping me sane I would have jumped in my car a driven back to Indiana.One moment was today as I continued my junk food binge that I really could end up 800 pounds stuck in my bed soon if I continue to meal all day and everyday. (So I made a mental note to no longer eat in my bed and I have to do all six miles on the trail tomorrow) The other moment was when I was grocery shopping the other day I had an sudden fear that when I do actually go back to work I won't know how to act. I have been out of a normal routine for only two weeks and I already feel that socially I will come off as a home school jungle freak (yes it is a Mean Girls reference) whenever I meet normal cool people. (My roomates' friends are pretty normal I just haven't hung out with them enough and my roommate is really in a world of her own) All this randomness leads me to the first way not to suck:
1.Have a J-O-B 
Not having a job not only sucks but I feel like I am a sucky person. I really want to ask a person that is professionally unemployed how they do it because I am personally bored. Yes I have an abundance of free time that I used to dream of but you know what I am doing with that free time.....NOTHING!!! I honestly have become more lazier then I was before which is pretty bad because I have always been pretty lazy. Now I'm not judging people who honestly are looking for a job everyday or are possibly pursuing their passion like a struggling musician or something but not knowing I am getting a paycheck next week makes me feel so lazy I can't stand it. I should be able to support myself and even if it is just a little bit of money I'll take that over none. I have never quit a job without having another one to go to. So next week I will go back to work with a 50 percent pay cut and hopefully be able to do with a semi-decent attitude.

First blog entry done I hope it wasn't too bad. This will be a daily thing trust me I know of a lot of sucky things people do. (Michelle I hope this makes you happy ha ha I tried, love you!)