Monday, August 23, 2010

6. Don't be a Brat

I do not have any kids and will not have any in the near future because I can't even afford to support myself let alone another human, I am young so I want to enjoy it, and I am selfish. You only get to be young and unconfined once so I am going to do everything I possibly can including but not limited too skydiving, plenty of foreign travel, a lot of late nights drinking/dancing, and whatever else I decide I want to do. You have a kid and they deserve to be your priority. Going out everyday of the week while you have a kid at home is not a good look.

Anyway children relate to this topic because children throw temper tantrums. They cry and scream throwing themselves on the ground sometimes when you tell them they can not have/do something. Kids really love to test the boundaries by doing things even after their parents have consistently told them not too. You all have been in public or at somebodies house where their kid is running around without any rules or limits. First you become very thankful that the kid is not yours then you realize you would not just let your kid run around being bad. I understand it is extremely hard to raise a kid, it is one of the hardest jobs out there that doesn't have set definitions for right or wrong way to do it. But letting your kid get away with doing something  because you do not want to deal with the crying or screaming does not teach them they can't be brats or always get what they want. Your really saying go through life being a brat then people will likely give you want you want because it is the easy thing to do.

6. Don't be a Brat
Now adults you want to know what a sucky person does when they do not get their way. They throw a temper tantrum! Okay so the adult temper tantrum is slightly different then a kid's temper tantrum but the actions are being used to accomplish the same goal. Adult temper tantrums are likely to involve some cussing, maybe some silent treatment, yelling is probable, and actually some adults might still throw themselves on the ground. They will likely do anything to make it hard for people to move on without pleasing the sucky person acting like a freaking baby. Old habits die hard. Life would be great if everybody got everything they wanted right when they wanted it right? Yeah I am going to go with a no on that one. I do not think that would be beneficial to anybody. Also it doesn't work because usually for one person to get what they want somebody has to be the one to compromise. So the whole point to this post is don't be a baby, when the time comes you do not get what you want either move on or use your adult words to express why you think you should get what you want.

So now on with the rest of my exciting day which involves 8 hours of computer training that I probably did five years ago. But I am trying to not be a brat, I am going to go do it without pouting and frowning. Well that is a lie I am not going to do it with a smile because I would like them to know that I do not want to be there. What can I say old habits die hard :)

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