Thursday, February 28, 2013

56. Adaptibility is not a bad quality to have

In life there is rarely anything that is one step besides the entrance to a one story home. You want to cook a special dinner first thing is deciding what you are cooking then you figure out the recipie which may come from memory or Pinterest. Really you are just getting started because you now need to hit the grocery store to collect all the ingredients which may or may not be available due to the many factors that naturally work against the plans we make for ourselves. Somehow you manage to leave the grocery with all your ingredients and without being attacked by a zombie. So you walk in your house and you start getting out of the things you think you will be needing to create this masterpiece of a meal only to realize after 10 minutes of frantic searching through your cabinents that you loaned your only baking dish to your friend two months ago. Now this is where things could change. What do you do next? You need the dish to cook the meal so going on without the dish would involve changing the entire meal. Which let us be honest your not Gordan Ramsay so you have no clue how to change an entire recipe around. Your finishline is dinner but in the middle of your race to eat there has been a gamechanging alteration. Borrow a dish from a neighbor? Drive back to the store to buy a dish? Call your friend who can never return anything they borrow in hopes she will rush it over to your house? What is your next move going to be.....

56. Adaptibility is not a bad quality to have
I can not tell you how many times my plans have turned into huge messes that led me nowhere near the place I planned on going. That is life. Odds are nothing will work out exactly the way we think it will. Rain happens even when the weather channel says it won't. People don't show up after they promised that they would. Jobs don't start even after the manager who interviewed you shakes your hand as if your the coolest person they have ever met. Sh*t happens. What we do when it happens is whats important. PLeaseee I am begging you do not be that person who refuses to veer from the plan A path because they have no idea how to adapt to the spur of the moment unknown. The person who would rather see something fail or not happen instead of maybe going with a plan B or C is a sucky person. Being adaptable is a good thing, being adaptable is really the only way to survive in the jungle aka life. So don't suck, adapt.

Soon I will no longer be driving the 2 hours to and from work everyday soon so that is a GREAT thing. The road is not exciting nor fun at 7 am. Sidenote anybody who wants to organize my life and maybe make some life decisions for me is more than welcome because I can not seem to have a complete thought. Besides me being the usual crazy person that I am I do hope there is some possibility that I can reach the point of routine. I don't need easy just routine would be more then welcomed by myself. Anywho that is where my head is at, but I can't complain because people have worse issues daily than I have had in a lifetime. Enjoy the last day of February everyone who knows what March will bring (:

Monday, February 25, 2013

55. Physical Beauty should not be the only goal you have in life

Pretty people, pretty pictures, pretty clothes, pretty shoes, pretty cars. What they all have in common is that they are easy on the eyes and we all love to look at them and sometimes stare embarrassingly long at them hoping they can't see us doing it. In case you didn't know you are not a secret service agent and yes the guy or girl your stalking out can feel your stares like a laser beam so you should just go say hi I like your shoes or something semi-normal. Being good looking or wanting to be is not a fault or negative goal entirely, feeling attractive in turns gives us the self-confidence to be comfortable in our skin. So go find the best version of yourself that you want to show off to the world then dance in the streets and when somebody stops you because you are so freaking good looking please be able to hold a converstion about things other than reality tv shows.

55. Physical Beauty should not be the only goal you have in life
You want to lose weight thats cool. You want to have some elective plastice surgery umm ok its your body. You can't leave you house without a full face of makeup I won't judge you. You only care about how hot you are and require that fact to be validated by the general public on a daily basis then we honestly would not be friends nor be able to have a conversation. Physical beauty is a good positive goal to have but please for the sake of humanity as a whole have some other goals too. The worst thing is seeing somebody attractive have the personality and intelligence of a rock. We live in a world where in a high percentage of situations the emphasis put on physical beauty far outweighs eveything else. But honestly have you noticed that most of those people who became famous because of their looks can not hold a simple conversation. Lose the weight and get hot but also learn a language and volunteer somewhere. Also for the love of jeezus please have some sort of idea about the current events going on in the world around you. Don't be that sucky person who obsesses about their looks and what everyone around them looks like. If the sentance "I only like being around good looking people" or "Ugly people should not be allowed in here" or "I just naturally find the best looking people whenever I go because thats who I can relate too" comes out of your mouth you SUCK! Also beauty fades and pretty things get boring to look at.

Rainy days and Sundays always get me down? I have a feeling I really butchered those songs lyrics but you get the idea. My day off ended up being a rainy one that makes it hard for me to get motivated to do anything but eat in front of the television. I did accomplish some semi-productive things but I feel as if I did easy things so that I can say I didn't waste my day. After this libray trip I will do some more shopping then head to my spot on the couch. Summer 2013 please be exciting and full of bad decisions along with laughing until I pass out surrounded by the loves of my life. Is that asking too much? Nahhh didn't think so (:

Monday, February 6, 2012

54. Don't hate ANYthing

 I am the youngest child in my family, I have two sisters and one brother. Somehow I got lucky enough to get the best sisters ever who have taught me so many things over the years. Lessons are hard to learn and really make permanent. One of the many lessons I learned from Michelle is that cussing is never cute, so now cuss words rarely exist in my vocabulary(that's a post for another day). If a cuss word even comes to my mind I literally expect her to reach over to smack me even though I know she's about 4 states away. One thing Angela taught me is that I don't hate anyone or anything. Anytime I said I hated something when she was around she would reply you don't hate anything which never led to a debate.

54. Don't hate anything
Hate is such a strong word. It has caused people to do things, bad things without cause. I never really understood the concept of hating something or someone to the point that you take it upon yourself to eliminate them from existence. There is so many other things in this world that we could use our energy on besides hating something or someone. Disliking something and hating it are two different things. Hate means you would like to see something suffer, hate means you have no compassion, and hate means your indifferent to the line between right and wrong. Hate is an ugly thing that can consume you if you choose to let it. Sucky people hate things. Sucky people hate people. Don't hate anything if you don't want to be a sucky person. Besides love is always prettier no matter how you slice it.

Deep breath....deep breath....sometimes I honestly want to go back to my 15 year old self and tell her that being older is not all that it is cracked up to be. I want to tell her that whatever is bothering her will be nothing compared to the problems she will have in 10 years. It doesn't get easier we just get better at dealing with everything. Kids stay kids for as long as you possibly can.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

53. Unless I offer you my shoes don't try to wear them

I am not afraid to admit that my decision making skills are not the best. I seem to like to do things the hard way. If you graphed my failures next to my successes it would be a very one sided picture. I'm ok with the longest learning process we all will ever have to participate in which is also known as growing up. Living life means we have to take some unavoidable hard hits literally and metaphorically. The amazing thing is were all still here. As long as you got out of bed today and did something that could possibly be called productive then cheers to you because your still in the game.

53. Unless I offer you my shoes don't try to wear them
I will admit I've made bad decisions and I have no problem with accepting the consequences from said decisions. What does piss me off is when somebody tells me step by step what they would've done if they were in my shoes. I'm already fully aware of how bad the decision was I really don't need you to continually express every which possible way you would've done better if you had been in my position. If the words, "If I was in your shoes then I would've done.......," then you suck! Giving your thoughts prior to the decision is advice but throwing out your thoughts after the decision can't be reversed is just useless and patronizing. Do us all a favor is keep your imaginary scenario to yourself because guess what you have one huge benefit that I didn't have which would be my failed experience! Of course you wouldn't do what I did because you obviously already know it doesn't work! Unless your a lemming and have no learning curve then I hope your don't repeat someone elses failed experiment the exact same way and expect a different outcome. So please read this and continue trying not to suck I realize its a daily struggle.

I'm a mess but there is still hope that one day ill be less of a mess then I am today. That's really all I can hope for. Until next time!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

52. Change my mind without insulting it

There are some things that are written in concrete in my mind. There are some things that are written in sand in my mind. Then there are some things that just float around in my mind with no place to go. Examples of some things that are written in concrete for me would be my name, my birth date, my family, my favorite color, or that I would never watch the Smurfs movie in 3D. Examples of some things that are written in sand for me would be my enjoyment of reality television, the idea of that college degrees are the smartest path to success, the death penalty is a justified punishment, or my strong dislike for the Toyota Prius. Examples of some things that continually float around in my head would probably scare you so I will leave those for another day. Pretty much every time I am introduced or re-introduced to information is a chance to change my mind. Small correction my strong dislike for the Toyota Prius is written in concrete. 

52. Change my mind without insulting it
You want to learn about politics sit in the middle of a discussion between a Republican and a Democrat. Want to learn about religion listen to somebody whose Jewish discuss it with somebody whose is Catholic. Debates are ideal forums to hash things out as long as they stay informative and don't turn into emotional personal battles. Whatever you adore about your cause should be enough to make others believe in it without disarming whatever you consider to be your opponent. There are tons of things that I believe in today that I may not believe in tomorrow. You want me to vote for you then tell me what you stand for; tell me what you want to accomplish without telling me what your opponents can't. Sucky people push their beliefs by any means including insulting other people's beliefs.

Short and concise?....ok short and choppy is a little closer to the truth. Actions speak louder then words so I won't repeat my statements about how I will get better or start blogging everyday. I am just going to post this and continue about my biz. Until next time :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

51. Put up a fight

March Madness is probably the best example of this, if you ever want to see a competition where it is possible for any no name team to win watch the NCAA tournament. Every year it never fails there are multiple games where I have to look away from the television because there are 2 points between the teams and 5 seconds left on the clock, so nerve wracking. I will always root for the underdog. It never fails, what can I say I like fairy tales and the ending is always more magical when the loser finally wins. So I cheer on the underdog and I respect them for showing up despite knowing they are probably going to lose. I admire them for giving everything they can possibly give up until the last seconds even when the score is 50-105. There is a huge difference between losing and quitting.

51. Put up a fight
Not until the fat lady sings, not until the buzzer sounds, not until your feet touch the finish line, and not until you have contacted everybody up to the tippy top of the totem pole should you stop fighting. Even when you know you are going to lose keep on giving it everything you got because even if the small possibility of winning is no longer there the knowledge that you gave it everything you could possibly give should be enough to soften the blow of losing. I have never been impressed by somebody who goes into the arena knowing they have no chance of winning the game or passing the test so they just show up and in other words give up. Nobody likes to lose, I mean seriously show me somebody who likes to lose and I'll show you somebody who has a deep problems with self-loathing. Sucky people are the ones who just show up knowing they have no intention of putting out any effort. They quit before they even step on the floor. Don't give up even when it would be easier for you too! Fight until the very end, then get up dust yourself off and move on to the next battle.

Anybody that has ever been to college can be divided into one or two types of students. Your either the type of student that gets A's in the first half of the class then slacks off from the second half. Or your the type of student that doesn't study the first half then spends all of the second half of class trying to bring their grade up. This quarter I am the second type and I am really stressing about my grades. I know its possible for me to get A's on all my tests and quizzes but I also know it is just as easy for me to fail them. Ugh why do we do this to ourselves? I think we like stomach ulcers....

Monday, August 1, 2011

50.Read between the lines

Time to bust out a little nursery rhyme(one of my faves actually).

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the King's horses and all the King's men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again

Now lets have a little talk about Humpty, any smart egg would not go sit on a wall for fun. It is just not a smart thing to do considering the fragile state that eggs are in. There has to be more to the story; like why would anybody let alone a breakable someone go sit on a high wall? Why would an egg try to sit anywhere when even with legs they can barely balance? Why would you name an egg Humpty? This rhyme leaves a lot of open ended questions and since Humpty is now in millions of pieces we will never get those questions answered.

50. Read between the lines
There is always more to a story. I repeat there is always MORE to a story. When you read a news story you should know that it is coming from someones point of view and they could purposefully or accidentally leave information out. When somebody tells you a story you should know it is coming from their point of view and chances are they are purposefully leaving things out so that they themselves or whoever they are bias toward in the story looks better. When I tell you something realize it is coming from my point of view which could be totally wrong at times and hard to follow. Read between the lines! Do not take everything you read, hear, or see literally. Sucky people are the kind of people that will read something dumb and incredibly false online then go around repeating it thinking its right then get defensive when other people laugh in their face. I'm not saying sucky people do this on purpose I am just trying to stop everyone from being that sucky person. Now take every bit of information you receive and analyze it yourself then get multiple sources before you go around spreading information to the masses. It will save you from being the source of some bad information. Trust me you don't want to be the source, the source is always the one to go to jail.

Sooo I slightly conquered my bad studying habit and did some productive studying today. Ok I had a quiz today so I was forced to do it so this really isn't a breakthrough. But tomorrow is a new day and I plan to get a jump on the studying I need to do for the rest of the quarter so I don't fail. I really do not have a back up career path so this kinda has to work out. Fingers crossed!