Wednesday, August 3, 2011

51. Put up a fight

March Madness is probably the best example of this, if you ever want to see a competition where it is possible for any no name team to win watch the NCAA tournament. Every year it never fails there are multiple games where I have to look away from the television because there are 2 points between the teams and 5 seconds left on the clock, so nerve wracking. I will always root for the underdog. It never fails, what can I say I like fairy tales and the ending is always more magical when the loser finally wins. So I cheer on the underdog and I respect them for showing up despite knowing they are probably going to lose. I admire them for giving everything they can possibly give up until the last seconds even when the score is 50-105. There is a huge difference between losing and quitting.

51. Put up a fight
Not until the fat lady sings, not until the buzzer sounds, not until your feet touch the finish line, and not until you have contacted everybody up to the tippy top of the totem pole should you stop fighting. Even when you know you are going to lose keep on giving it everything you got because even if the small possibility of winning is no longer there the knowledge that you gave it everything you could possibly give should be enough to soften the blow of losing. I have never been impressed by somebody who goes into the arena knowing they have no chance of winning the game or passing the test so they just show up and in other words give up. Nobody likes to lose, I mean seriously show me somebody who likes to lose and I'll show you somebody who has a deep problems with self-loathing. Sucky people are the ones who just show up knowing they have no intention of putting out any effort. They quit before they even step on the floor. Don't give up even when it would be easier for you too! Fight until the very end, then get up dust yourself off and move on to the next battle.

Anybody that has ever been to college can be divided into one or two types of students. Your either the type of student that gets A's in the first half of the class then slacks off from the second half. Or your the type of student that doesn't study the first half then spends all of the second half of class trying to bring their grade up. This quarter I am the second type and I am really stressing about my grades. I know its possible for me to get A's on all my tests and quizzes but I also know it is just as easy for me to fail them. Ugh why do we do this to ourselves? I think we like stomach ulcers....

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