Tuesday, September 20, 2011

52. Change my mind without insulting it

There are some things that are written in concrete in my mind. There are some things that are written in sand in my mind. Then there are some things that just float around in my mind with no place to go. Examples of some things that are written in concrete for me would be my name, my birth date, my family, my favorite color, or that I would never watch the Smurfs movie in 3D. Examples of some things that are written in sand for me would be my enjoyment of reality television, the idea of that college degrees are the smartest path to success, the death penalty is a justified punishment, or my strong dislike for the Toyota Prius. Examples of some things that continually float around in my head would probably scare you so I will leave those for another day. Pretty much every time I am introduced or re-introduced to information is a chance to change my mind. Small correction my strong dislike for the Toyota Prius is written in concrete. 

52. Change my mind without insulting it
You want to learn about politics sit in the middle of a discussion between a Republican and a Democrat. Want to learn about religion listen to somebody whose Jewish discuss it with somebody whose is Catholic. Debates are ideal forums to hash things out as long as they stay informative and don't turn into emotional personal battles. Whatever you adore about your cause should be enough to make others believe in it without disarming whatever you consider to be your opponent. There are tons of things that I believe in today that I may not believe in tomorrow. You want me to vote for you then tell me what you stand for; tell me what you want to accomplish without telling me what your opponents can't. Sucky people push their beliefs by any means including insulting other people's beliefs.

Short and concise?....ok short and choppy is a little closer to the truth. Actions speak louder then words so I won't repeat my statements about how I will get better or start blogging everyday. I am just going to post this and continue about my biz. Until next time :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

51. Put up a fight

March Madness is probably the best example of this, if you ever want to see a competition where it is possible for any no name team to win watch the NCAA tournament. Every year it never fails there are multiple games where I have to look away from the television because there are 2 points between the teams and 5 seconds left on the clock, so nerve wracking. I will always root for the underdog. It never fails, what can I say I like fairy tales and the ending is always more magical when the loser finally wins. So I cheer on the underdog and I respect them for showing up despite knowing they are probably going to lose. I admire them for giving everything they can possibly give up until the last seconds even when the score is 50-105. There is a huge difference between losing and quitting.

51. Put up a fight
Not until the fat lady sings, not until the buzzer sounds, not until your feet touch the finish line, and not until you have contacted everybody up to the tippy top of the totem pole should you stop fighting. Even when you know you are going to lose keep on giving it everything you got because even if the small possibility of winning is no longer there the knowledge that you gave it everything you could possibly give should be enough to soften the blow of losing. I have never been impressed by somebody who goes into the arena knowing they have no chance of winning the game or passing the test so they just show up and in other words give up. Nobody likes to lose, I mean seriously show me somebody who likes to lose and I'll show you somebody who has a deep problems with self-loathing. Sucky people are the ones who just show up knowing they have no intention of putting out any effort. They quit before they even step on the floor. Don't give up even when it would be easier for you too! Fight until the very end, then get up dust yourself off and move on to the next battle.

Anybody that has ever been to college can be divided into one or two types of students. Your either the type of student that gets A's in the first half of the class then slacks off from the second half. Or your the type of student that doesn't study the first half then spends all of the second half of class trying to bring their grade up. This quarter I am the second type and I am really stressing about my grades. I know its possible for me to get A's on all my tests and quizzes but I also know it is just as easy for me to fail them. Ugh why do we do this to ourselves? I think we like stomach ulcers....

Monday, August 1, 2011

50.Read between the lines

Time to bust out a little nursery rhyme(one of my faves actually).

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the King's horses and all the King's men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again

Now lets have a little talk about Humpty, any smart egg would not go sit on a wall for fun. It is just not a smart thing to do considering the fragile state that eggs are in. There has to be more to the story; like why would anybody let alone a breakable someone go sit on a high wall? Why would an egg try to sit anywhere when even with legs they can barely balance? Why would you name an egg Humpty? This rhyme leaves a lot of open ended questions and since Humpty is now in millions of pieces we will never get those questions answered.

50. Read between the lines
There is always more to a story. I repeat there is always MORE to a story. When you read a news story you should know that it is coming from someones point of view and they could purposefully or accidentally leave information out. When somebody tells you a story you should know it is coming from their point of view and chances are they are purposefully leaving things out so that they themselves or whoever they are bias toward in the story looks better. When I tell you something realize it is coming from my point of view which could be totally wrong at times and hard to follow. Read between the lines! Do not take everything you read, hear, or see literally. Sucky people are the kind of people that will read something dumb and incredibly false online then go around repeating it thinking its right then get defensive when other people laugh in their face. I'm not saying sucky people do this on purpose I am just trying to stop everyone from being that sucky person. Now take every bit of information you receive and analyze it yourself then get multiple sources before you go around spreading information to the masses. It will save you from being the source of some bad information. Trust me you don't want to be the source, the source is always the one to go to jail.

Sooo I slightly conquered my bad studying habit and did some productive studying today. Ok I had a quiz today so I was forced to do it so this really isn't a breakthrough. But tomorrow is a new day and I plan to get a jump on the studying I need to do for the rest of the quarter so I don't fail. I really do not have a back up career path so this kinda has to work out. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

49. Hindsight & Foresight: the two superpowers WE all need to use

I have a really bad habit of not studying..ever. I don't know why but I sit down to study and everytime I end up on Facebook or Twitter or most likely watching random Youtube videos. So whenever I tell people im studying 80% of the time is spent doing something other then studying and then 20% of that time I might actually learn something that I need too. Now if I used my superpowers of hindsight and foresight then maybe I would not continually want to punch myself after every test I take where I should have done better. My powers of hindsight should tell that remember the last time I didn't study for my test and pretty much failed it. Then my powers of foresight could chime in to tell me that if I stop wasting time looking at pointless stuff and actually study then I might get a good grade instead of praying that I passed the stinking test.

49. Hindsight & Foresight: the two superpowers WE all need to use
"Hindsight may keep you from repeating the same mistakes but foresight could save you from ever making those mistakes in the first place."

Soo remember that time everybody warned you that you shouldn't do that thing because its going to blow up in your face then you acted surprised when in fact it blew up in your face? Ohh yeah you try to pretend that never happened but it did and you have nobody to blame but yourself. We all have those friends that complain to us about the boys they always take back even though they has cheated on them multiple times or only called once a year or just plain sucked. Next time your friend starts crying and telling you the same story you've heard 5000 times please remind them of their own powers they need to start using. Tell them next time he promises that he is a different person they should remember all the past times he sucked and realize that history repeats itself unless you stop it. So do not be a sucky person that never learns from their mistakes and never looks before they leap. Trust me all you will end up with are heartbreaks and skinned knees.

Ahhh this is my first post in a while so I will definently have to come back and shake some of the rust off. Anyway I am riding high off of my summer of vacays right now and trying to make it through another quarter of school. My mind is still in Vegas where I left it, pretty much the best vacay ever sooo didn't want to come back to GA. I am excited though to take my first cruise in a couple weeks though!!! I can't wait to have 5 days of just chilling, drinking, and eating with my sisters and friends. I already know that one is going to be one for the record books also.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

48. Don't go fishing unless your want to catch something

You know when people are itching to bring up a subject when they find a way to relate into normal conversation. An example would be you're all talking about whales and girl 3 says," Whales are cool, I actually really want to go to Sea World. There is a Sea World in Florida, actually next month I'm going to Florida to hang on the beach and party it up. Were going to go to the same club as the Jersey Shore Cast....." She will continue on talking about her trip which has nothing to do with the topic we were originally talking about. I don't mind this conversation because I get she is excited about her trip and wants to talk about it as much as she can because that is normal. Now I would have minded if she kept bringing up Florida begging us to ask her about it and then acted as if she didn't want to talk about it. Don't bring something up unless you want to talk about. If you throw out the statement,"I flew on a private jet last night". Don't act surprised when somebody asks you why.

48. Don't go fishing unless your want to catch something
I can not stand it when people drop less then subtle hints begging you to ask them about something then they get all weird and say they don't want to talk about it. Reason one this bothers me is because I generally do not get into people's business unless they have a giant welcome mat down that I can't walk around. Because to say I don't care is an understatement. I honestly do not care about your boyfriend drama or whatever else your dying to talk about unless it directly involves me, that's not being selfish it's realizing I barely have space in my head for my own stuff so trust me I'm not really that interested in yours. So don't be a sucky person and keep hinting at something begging somebody to ask you about it then freak out when they do.

Ugh this quarter is going to make or break me. My posts on here are going to be sporadic since it's no telling when I'll have internet access and the only other thing i've had time to do lately besides studying is sleep. I'm actually kind of delerious right now as I write this....this is going to be a long 10 weeks :(

Friday, April 1, 2011

47. Trashcans...Trashcans...TRASHCANS!!!

Ugh I really do not like when things are where they are not supposed to be. Example would be candy wrappers in the park that I walked in and old food left in the library. We all have our own trash to deal with I really do not want to clean up other people's because they were too lazy.

47. Trashcans...Trashcans...TRASHCANS!!!
They are usually in your proximity if you look for it. I even did a little experiment before I wrote this post and I found a trashcan within feet of me everywhere I went this morning. Of course I understand not everybody has somewhere to put trash in their car but I'm going to suggest a little solution to that predicament....throw it away whenever you stop driving because chances are there is a trashcan wherever you are going. Sucky people throw trash out their car windows, while their walking down the street, and I'm assuming on on their bedroom floor. Quit being lazy and making somebody else pick up your trash because even if they are sanitary workers they are not babysitters! Don't Litter. Don't Suck  <-------Bumper sticker or campaign slogan?

This post was quick because I have to get to work and I wasted time catching up on random things online including celebrity gossip. All of a sudden today feels like one of those days I wish I could've just laid in bed while ignoring the existence of everything around me. But I don't have that luxury so I went to the car place just for them tell me they couldn't find anything wrong with my car and then I came to the library to use their poopy computers. What kind of computer needs an instruction manual to get sound to work on headphones! I ended up just giving up because it was just one more battle I did not feel like fighting today. And for the love of god air conditioning should not be kept below 20 degrees. Ok that ends my complaints for the day. Hope anyone that reads this has a day with an Icee in it because days with Icee's are always good days. Laters!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

46. Avoid playing the What-if Game

What-IF Rules
Price: Situational
Playing Time: 1 to 9,999,999,999 minutes
Players: 1 to 5 (Conversations with more than 5 people are not productive unless hand raising is involved)
Ages: People start playing right around their teen years
Object of the game: To make you question every decision you've ever made because in hindsight there is ALWAYS a clearer right decision since you have more information. Oh also there is the oppurtunity to see who can be the most bitter about their bad choices.
Contents of the game: All the bits and pieces of information swirling around in your head
Game Preparation: Only required if more than one player is playing the game, in that case some activity is usually accompanied with the game. The activities are typically drinking booze, watching Titanic, stalking an ex, or vacationing.
Game Play: Game begins with player number one replaying a past debatable decision then asking either themselves or players number two to five if they made the right choice. This choice is likely unchangeable and possibly at least 5 years old. Now discussing this possible dumb decision will not change anything but it may keep said player from making the same mistake twice. This game has no winners and should be played on rare occasions because the only thing you may win is some bitterness.

46. Avoid playing the What-if Game
Do not play this game! Playing this game alone or with others will lead you nowhere. Yes, looking back you would have done things differently because you are not the same person you were five years ago. This game is monotonous and no matter many times you try you will never be able to time travel back into time to make a better decision. Take you mistakes and keep it moving! Sucky people are the ones still bitter about things they can't change and they love to talk about these decisions on a regular basis to whoever will listen. The what if game is not helpful because you will never know what would have happened if you did one thing over another. All you have to go on is what actually happened. I am pretty sure it is scientifically impossible to re-do things. Don't suck; make a choice, live with the outcomes, and learn for future choices.

Today was pretty uneventful, I just did some physical therapy hours. This semi-spring break week of mine is almost halfway over so I am slowly thinking about easing my mind back into study mode. OK seriously for some reason this library loves to keep the air conditioning on negative zero. My fingers are slowly freezing as I type. I have to get out of here before I become an ice cube so I am about to go be lazy and watch some Grey's Anatomy because I heart it. Laters!

Monday, March 28, 2011

45. Redbox only exists for DVD's but the philosophy is universal

I am the proud owner of a few seasons on DVD one of them being Entourage. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it and I would let you borrow my first season if I still had it. You want to know what happened to my first two seasons?! I let somebody borrow them awhile ago and by awhile I mean like four years ago! Yes, I realize I will never get these back from the person but I can't bring myself to buy them a second time because I shouldn't have too. There is something about buying the same thing twice that gives you a bitter feeling. The day will come when I'll have to buy them again to complete my collection but that day hasn't come yet and when it does the person who borrowed the first ones will get a very informative Facebook message.

45. Redbox only exists for DVD's but the philosophy is universal
If you borrow something return it. Do not return it a year after you borrow it. Do not return it 5 years after you borrow it. Actually I can't think of anything you should borrow longer than a month. Use whatever you borrowed as soon as possible and then give it back. Ugh it is so annoying when people borrow with no intention of returning it. Sucky people are the people who have probably at least 10 items in their possession right now that they didn't buy or receive as presents but borrowed then never returned. You want to know why people return Redbox movies within a 24 hours period? Well they return them because they know if they don't they will be charged a dollar everyday until they do. Most people these days like to keep as many dollars as possible and not waste them on laziness. Don't be lazy about returning something you are probably not being charged for. So if you borrow something use it and then return it preferably in the some form you got it in. Please and thank you!

Sooo today was a fail for me because I was too lazy to get up this morning to do the volunteer hours I have to get done. My bed is such a bad influence sometimes. Tomorrow I absolutely have to get up or else there will be no way I can get them done. Other than that the rest of my night consists of some attempts at organizing my new living space and maybe starting Grey's Anatomy over again from season one. A responsible girl would try to study something to be prepared for the coming quarter....hmm good thing I never said I was a responsible girl :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

44. Translating...Translating...Umm what did you just say?

I don't speak any other languages besides English and even that is questionable sometimes. I took French for four years in high school and know about 10 words of it. My parents are from Africa, so I can understand them when their speaking Pigeon English on the phone but that really covers all of my foreign language knowledge. I have future goals of learning a new language once I no longer have to pay to learn other things but the keyword in that sentence is "future". Lost in translation is such a common occurrence between people even if they speak the same language or not. I think too often people want to see the worst in people, (that is a post for another day) so we are quick to see things in a negative light. Just because somebody makes an off hand comment that is borderline racist or homophobic or prejudice doesn't automatically make them evil just maybe a little naive. I can not tell you how many times somebody has said something around me they heard off of television thinking it would be funny but it really being offensive.

44. Translating...Translating....Umm what did you just say?
Have you ever said something without thinking then wish you hadn't said it? I've done it quite a few times to then hit myself over the head when I realized what I said was stupid. We all come from totally different places and experiences that we can not all see everything the exact same way. I don't really think this is a bad thing, actually I think it helps to keep people more interesting. Do not be the person who takes something somebody said to them, thinks about it, gets mad, goes to anybody who will listen to bad mouth said person, and then starts a campaign to bring the person down socially. If somebody says something to offend you then speak up right then and there so they can clarify themselves. Then if their clarification shows that they really meant what they said and/or don't care that they offended you then you have my permission to mean mug them every time you see them. Ignorant people usually just haven't been exposed to whatever the situation is and want to learn. Don't be the sucky person who gets all mad about something somebody said but won't hear them out if they try to explain themselves. 

Bad news is that I am moving in two days but good news is I am pretty sure I made the Dean's List for the second quarter in a row! Ugh I really don't like moving and I really don't want to move to where I am moving too. But I am trying to look at the positives which are that I will be saving money, I will be in the best shape of my life because I will use the gym as a place to hangout since I won't want to hangout at home, and it is only temporary. So I am going to enjoy the last two days in my apartment and try to get some early studying done before the next quarter starts. Now that I'm on a roll I have to keep the Dean's List appearances going :)

And welcome to my new followers!!Thanks for reading my random writings and I will visit your blog too if you have one.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

43. Fear nothing but fear itself

For some reason lately my constant fear has been falling down and chipping my front tooth. I don't know why but every time I get near a set of stairs or have to walk on something I could slip on a whole scene plays out in my head. It is super weird because I've never even chipped a tooth or fallen on my face but its what has been on my mind lately. Oooh maybe I suddenly have psychic powers so I can see into the future?! My mind is telling me that one time in my life I will fall on my face a chip a tooth! Eureka I figured it out finally after a month of watching every single step I take. Wow I feel like I just made a breakthrough.....wait a second if I have psychic powers why can't they be the kind that gives me lotto numbers? Ugh never mind forget the psychic powers this was pointless I'm just buying a mouth guard.

43. Fear nothing but fear itself
I am the worst case scenario kind of girl. No matter the situation I always think of the worse possible thing that could happen and prepare myself for that. So far this little reflex has kept me pretty optimistic while also giving me anxiety issues. Anyway my point is fear is a natural little reflex everyone has but if you want to suck then let it run your life. I honestly regret the things I didn't do because I was too scared then anything that I have actually done. Sucky people are the ones too scared to try anything new who also try to talk everyone else out of taking a chance. So if I have any advice it would be do it! Whatever "it" is that you have been talking yourself out of for way too long I am telling you to just go for it. I will guarantee you won't regret taking the chance and even if it turns out to be a huge fail at least you will have learned something. So go be brave, brave people aren't fearless they just don't let their fears paralyze them.

Tomorrow morning I am going to get up and workout. Tomorrow morning I am getting up when my alarm goes off at the buttcrack of dawn and I am going to workout. Tomorrow morning I will not be lazy. I figure I write it enough on here it will actually happen. Anyways tomorrow is going to be a super productive day involving working out, a bit of studying, some healthy eating, and some blogging.....wait is this my psychic abilities kicking in again?! Hmm I guess next blog I'll tell if my predictions came true.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

42. Promises, Promises

So when I went to write this post (which will likely be kinda bad since I'm rusty) I had a song come to mind that goes along with the title nicely. Of course this is one of those times when some of the words of the song come to mind but the exact quote doesn't. Then of course neither does the artist or title. In times like these it is good that I once did an internship with Sherlock Holmes. So I figured I would be able to use the great internet to find this elusive song. WRONG. Did you know that there are thousands of songs that have the word promises in the title? So my detective skills have failed me this time and leaves me without the nice song lyric lead in I was going for. Oh well I guess I'll save that one for a rainy day....

42. Promises, Promises
When I started this blog I said  I would come up 365 ways not to suck. That would be promise number one. Then I posted in January after taking a few months off that I was back in  business ready to blog. That would be promise number two. I am not very good at keeping my promises so it seems. It sucks when somebody says they are going to do something and then they don't. Simple. There is no elaborate way to put it other then if you do not want to be a sucky person then do what you say you are going to do. I know that nobody lost sleep or noticed that I stopped blogging but its the principle. You are only as good as your word so be worth something.

Yay! That was not as hard as I thought it would but it also wasn't the greatest. Don't worry it can only go up from here and I'm climbing the stairs until I reach 365! Because I like a challenge and I want to finish what I started. So in true Barney Stinson fashion I say, "Challenge Accepted!"

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!!!!

Yesss I AM! I'm back in the blogging world after taking a slight break due to a computer virus. Somehow I got a virus on my computer that momentarily took it out of commission but tonight after some computer counseling from a coworker I am back in the game! You do not know how happy I am to be back in the "having my own personal computer" game. For 1 using my roommates computer was not the same, for 2 having the internet on my phone is great but websites lose so much of their glory in miniature form, and for 3 using a computer in a computer lab leaves very little privacy because there are always people creeping on your computer screen (don't lie we all do it and most of the time we find everyone is on Facebook). So tonight I am celebrating my return to civilization and yes I am exaggerating but who cares I can blog from my apartment anytime I want so booyah! Tomorrow will bring an actually post and I will update as regularly as I can because I haven't even made a dent in 365 yet :) Nighty Night!