Monday, March 28, 2011

45. Redbox only exists for DVD's but the philosophy is universal

I am the proud owner of a few seasons on DVD one of them being Entourage. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it and I would let you borrow my first season if I still had it. You want to know what happened to my first two seasons?! I let somebody borrow them awhile ago and by awhile I mean like four years ago! Yes, I realize I will never get these back from the person but I can't bring myself to buy them a second time because I shouldn't have too. There is something about buying the same thing twice that gives you a bitter feeling. The day will come when I'll have to buy them again to complete my collection but that day hasn't come yet and when it does the person who borrowed the first ones will get a very informative Facebook message.

45. Redbox only exists for DVD's but the philosophy is universal
If you borrow something return it. Do not return it a year after you borrow it. Do not return it 5 years after you borrow it. Actually I can't think of anything you should borrow longer than a month. Use whatever you borrowed as soon as possible and then give it back. Ugh it is so annoying when people borrow with no intention of returning it. Sucky people are the people who have probably at least 10 items in their possession right now that they didn't buy or receive as presents but borrowed then never returned. You want to know why people return Redbox movies within a 24 hours period? Well they return them because they know if they don't they will be charged a dollar everyday until they do. Most people these days like to keep as many dollars as possible and not waste them on laziness. Don't be lazy about returning something you are probably not being charged for. So if you borrow something use it and then return it preferably in the some form you got it in. Please and thank you!

Sooo today was a fail for me because I was too lazy to get up this morning to do the volunteer hours I have to get done. My bed is such a bad influence sometimes. Tomorrow I absolutely have to get up or else there will be no way I can get them done. Other than that the rest of my night consists of some attempts at organizing my new living space and maybe starting Grey's Anatomy over again from season one. A responsible girl would try to study something to be prepared for the coming quarter....hmm good thing I never said I was a responsible girl :)

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