Thursday, March 24, 2011

44. Translating...Translating...Umm what did you just say?

I don't speak any other languages besides English and even that is questionable sometimes. I took French for four years in high school and know about 10 words of it. My parents are from Africa, so I can understand them when their speaking Pigeon English on the phone but that really covers all of my foreign language knowledge. I have future goals of learning a new language once I no longer have to pay to learn other things but the keyword in that sentence is "future". Lost in translation is such a common occurrence between people even if they speak the same language or not. I think too often people want to see the worst in people, (that is a post for another day) so we are quick to see things in a negative light. Just because somebody makes an off hand comment that is borderline racist or homophobic or prejudice doesn't automatically make them evil just maybe a little naive. I can not tell you how many times somebody has said something around me they heard off of television thinking it would be funny but it really being offensive.

44. Translating...Translating....Umm what did you just say?
Have you ever said something without thinking then wish you hadn't said it? I've done it quite a few times to then hit myself over the head when I realized what I said was stupid. We all come from totally different places and experiences that we can not all see everything the exact same way. I don't really think this is a bad thing, actually I think it helps to keep people more interesting. Do not be the person who takes something somebody said to them, thinks about it, gets mad, goes to anybody who will listen to bad mouth said person, and then starts a campaign to bring the person down socially. If somebody says something to offend you then speak up right then and there so they can clarify themselves. Then if their clarification shows that they really meant what they said and/or don't care that they offended you then you have my permission to mean mug them every time you see them. Ignorant people usually just haven't been exposed to whatever the situation is and want to learn. Don't be the sucky person who gets all mad about something somebody said but won't hear them out if they try to explain themselves. 

Bad news is that I am moving in two days but good news is I am pretty sure I made the Dean's List for the second quarter in a row! Ugh I really don't like moving and I really don't want to move to where I am moving too. But I am trying to look at the positives which are that I will be saving money, I will be in the best shape of my life because I will use the gym as a place to hangout since I won't want to hangout at home, and it is only temporary. So I am going to enjoy the last two days in my apartment and try to get some early studying done before the next quarter starts. Now that I'm on a roll I have to keep the Dean's List appearances going :)

And welcome to my new followers!!Thanks for reading my random writings and I will visit your blog too if you have one.


  1. haha love this! I can't stop scrolling to read all the ways people suck. Where are you moving? How I wish I'd move soon.


  2. haha thanks. Im moving to my roomates parents house for a little bit so it's not a move I was looking forward too :(