Wednesday, March 23, 2011

43. Fear nothing but fear itself

For some reason lately my constant fear has been falling down and chipping my front tooth. I don't know why but every time I get near a set of stairs or have to walk on something I could slip on a whole scene plays out in my head. It is super weird because I've never even chipped a tooth or fallen on my face but its what has been on my mind lately. Oooh maybe I suddenly have psychic powers so I can see into the future?! My mind is telling me that one time in my life I will fall on my face a chip a tooth! Eureka I figured it out finally after a month of watching every single step I take. Wow I feel like I just made a breakthrough.....wait a second if I have psychic powers why can't they be the kind that gives me lotto numbers? Ugh never mind forget the psychic powers this was pointless I'm just buying a mouth guard.

43. Fear nothing but fear itself
I am the worst case scenario kind of girl. No matter the situation I always think of the worse possible thing that could happen and prepare myself for that. So far this little reflex has kept me pretty optimistic while also giving me anxiety issues. Anyway my point is fear is a natural little reflex everyone has but if you want to suck then let it run your life. I honestly regret the things I didn't do because I was too scared then anything that I have actually done. Sucky people are the ones too scared to try anything new who also try to talk everyone else out of taking a chance. So if I have any advice it would be do it! Whatever "it" is that you have been talking yourself out of for way too long I am telling you to just go for it. I will guarantee you won't regret taking the chance and even if it turns out to be a huge fail at least you will have learned something. So go be brave, brave people aren't fearless they just don't let their fears paralyze them.

Tomorrow morning I am going to get up and workout. Tomorrow morning I am getting up when my alarm goes off at the buttcrack of dawn and I am going to workout. Tomorrow morning I will not be lazy. I figure I write it enough on here it will actually happen. Anyways tomorrow is going to be a super productive day involving working out, a bit of studying, some healthy eating, and some blogging.....wait is this my psychic abilities kicking in again?! Hmm I guess next blog I'll tell if my predictions came true.

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