Sunday, October 24, 2010

41. Success is subjective

 Pretty sure everybody wants to be successful in their lives. I do, I want to have a career while spending all the time I can with family and friends. I want to be able to support myself without needing anybody to help me. In my eyes that will make me a success, in other people's eyes success means a big house or winning a marathon.

41. Success is subjective
If anybody has ever made you feel as if what you have accomplished so far in your life means nothing then they suck. Sucky people are the kind of people who believe being in first place is the only way you can call yourself a winner or consider yourself successful. There are so many situations where for some people just finishing the race means they succeeded or just attempting something they have never done before means they won. Steps even baby steps means we are moving which is really all we can do. Success is subjective, which means it only matters what you think about the goals you have set for yourself. So no your not a loser if your not married right after you graduate college, if your 35 still trying to find a career you like, or if your 40 going back to college. Don't think you failed at life if your 24 still needing support from your parents and never think your too old to admit you need help. Don't be sucky by hating where you are because it's not where you think you should be and yes you can be a sucky person towards yourself. Put down the imaginary scale your measuring yourself against and keep it moving!

Another Sunday  has come and brought the beginning of a new week. Sadly the Colts have a bye week this week and will not be playing today which is actually good for me because I should study for my test tomorrow. Oh I should also write a paper I meant to start weeks ago :/. I hope some people out there are having a crazy funday Sunday since I can't. Next Sunday I will be somewhere tipsy in front of a television watching the Colts take on the Texans and actually win this time. I should be scared to drink since I haven't in oh going on three weeks, I will probably have one beer and be wasted. But Halloween plus an awesome Colts game will mean a good weekend next weekend so please say this week flies by.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

40. Bad Hygiene will make you some smelly friends

My teacher in my first class told a very interesting story today and by interesting I mean disgusting. We were discussing in class about how important personal hygiene was on a health care level. Apparently in his family they all take showers before they go to bed because his wife has preached that dirty bodies don't belong in beds. Well his son, who is 25 years old, was home from school and some of his friends needed a place to stay while in town for a family death. His son was surprised his friends didn't shower before they went to bed which really isn't too weird I personally shower in the morning but to each their own. But one of his friends revealed in a morning conversation that showering is not a daily habit for him. Even worse he gets four days out of every pair of underwear through a system he come up with:
Day 1: He wears them normally
Day 2: He wears them backwards
Day 3: He wears them forward again but turns them inside out
Day 4: He wears them backwards again inside out
I almost puked in my mouth after he told this story

40. Bad Hygiene will make you some smelly friends
There is no reason why anybody can't shower at least once a day! Seriously people for one how uncomfortable is that dirt build up on your skin and if I can smell you I know you can smell yourself. To all those smelly people out there that I have to wait on in the pharmacy, or sit next to in class you kinda suck. If you can not have good hygiene please invest in some industrial Febreeze that you carry with you at all times.  I can only hold my breath so long, I seriously wait on people that I can smell even though I am not breathing through my nose. Sick! So I know you do not want to suck so please people shower regularly.

Fridays are pretty much my longest day of the week, I have class from 8:00 to 4:30 then I work 5 to 9. The class part usually isn't too bad especially since so far I have gotten perfect scores on all my tests. (knock on wood) But by the time I get to work where time suddenly moves as fast as a slug through sand I am probably not the nicest person. For some reason the end of the week is when people show up with the dumbest questions, I am talking about the common sense questions that they ask with a straight face. Somebody asked us if it was ok to use hydrocortisone cream when she use Neosporin the day before. For one their both over the counter and for two they are applied topically they don't leak into your bloodstream for days or anything. I mean seriously this conversation took fifteen minutes from my life that I want back.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

39. If you can't dance alone you don't belong on the dancefloor

I had a hard time trying to come up with a topic today I am pretty sure as the week progresses my mind becomes slower. I have wanted to learn to play guitar for a very long time but I haven't. Before it was because I was too scared to go get lessons by myself, when walking in unknown territory having somebody to go with you makes you more comfortable. I even bought a cheap guitar off of EBAY but I lacked the discipline to teach myself.  I have to say there are a lot of things I have wanted to do but I didn't because I didn't want to go alone or I didn't want to be the organizer in some situations. I want to skydive but I haven't, I want to take dance lessons but I haven't, I want to run marathon but I haven't and I want to learn how to surf but I haven't. Nowadays my financial limitations have stopped me from doing anything but as soon as I graduate it is game on because if I really want to do something I should be willing to do it by myself or else I don't want to do it bad enough.

39. If you can't dance alone you don't belong on the dancefloor
Guess you can take this one literally and metaphorically, I think the main thing I am trying to say is be strong enough to stand alone. People whose interests and personalities vary depending on who their friends with or who their dating kind of suck. If you have an idea of who you are then you can go into situations and grow instead of becoming a whole new person with every new situation. If you know who you are then nothing would stop you from going into the middle of any dancefloor and shutting it down.

I realized today how good exercise really is, I felt amazing after I finished my six mile walk/jog. I don't know if it was the weather was amazing today or I am past the painful beginning workout stage to the getting back in shape stage. I worked out four days this week and gradually I am getting closer to being back in shape. I miss the high school days when I could do five miles a day and not take 3 hours. So my new goal is to be able to run the entire six mile trail and for the first time in a long time I really think I will complete this mission. Other then this small accomplishment my day is consisting of much needed study and homework time which I don't mind really. There are two countdowns I can start one would be to November 10th when my sister Michelle and Rosemary come to Savannah to visit!!! I am so excited for them to come hopefully the weather stays good and they have fun. My other countdown will be to the last week of December when I make my return to the Haute and also my first quarter will be done which means seven quarters left until graduation!!!  Lots to look forward too :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

38. Everyone's best friend should be SELF-CONTROL

So I am currently working on being better at a lot of things such as school, working out, finding another job, and other random areas of my life that could use improvement. For me the one thing I know I need to work on most would be controlling myself, EEK! I suck at controlling myself which is why my grades aren't as good as they could be since I consider studying to be the last thing I ever do. I choose to go out to eat instead of run, I sleep instead of get up early enough to make it to work on time, I could go on and on because I lack self-control but I am working on it. Gone are the days where I could go out every night without really any consequence, man being responsible is boring but working hard then playing hard is a lot less stressful.

38. Everyone's best friend should be SELF-CONTROL
If there is something in your life you want to accomplish, like swim the English channel or drink in every one of the fifty states, you should have an abundance of self-control. I put this little tip in the top ten things every person should be good at. Being able to know when you need to walk away or when you should prioritize like study instead of watching television will get you where you want to go. If you do not want to be a sucky person then have some self-control, your the only one who is responsible for your actions so save yourself years of therapy and legal problems by controlling yourself. If you drink a bottle of rum stop yourself from driving, if you are attracted to somebody else's significant other stop yourself from even thinking about touching them, if you have a bag of cookies in your hand stop yourself from eating the entire bag, or if own a belly shirt stop yourself from wearing it. A little self-control goes a long way, oh and Plan B is not birth control its a back up safety net so use a condom so you won't find yourself buying it every week. (Sidenote: we actually have people that literally buy Plan B every week as if that makes sense.)

I am off today and tomorrow which is good because it gives me much needed study time and plus my job seriously is more boring then going to a pen collectors convention. It's bad because I need money almost as bad as I need a drink. Gasp, I think I am going on three weeks sober it's bad I know. The last time I drank was when I got tipsy off a glass of wine with my mom, man what has my life become. Anyway I have a paper to write and lots to learn so the next two days I hope are super productive ones. My body is telling me I need to buy some decongestant asap. I also might need to take my roomie out for a drink she's a little down because she didn't get into nursing school so now she is in the oh my goodness what should I do with my life place which is always a bad place to be in. I personally believe bar therapy is the cheapest form of therapy there is, what can't be solved over a good drink and decent music.....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

37. Everyone needs someone to believe in them

I think there were a few careers I had in mind when I was a kid. When I grew up I wanted to be either a veterinarian, be a rockstar, or find the cure for cancer. I probably bounced around from some other ideas but those are the ones I remember. When were kids our miniature worlds seems enormous, our parents seem to be our fearless leaders, and we attack every new experience as if it were the best thing every invented. Then we grow up to find that Santa doesn't exist, that we can't eat candy for every meal, that people do bad things for no good reason, that we can do everything right then still not get the ending we want, and nothing absolutely nothing stays the same. I think any dream you have as a kid stays with you in some sort of way, the child versions of ourselves are the same as the adult versions just with a lot less damage.

37. Everyone needs someone to believe in them
In my career as a college student I have gone from wanting to be a physical therapist to an athletic trainer to a pharmacist to an accountant to a business administration major to where I am now which is a physical therapy assisting major. With my pitiful track record I could get why people would doubt my current goal or really doubt if I will ever graduate from anything. But I am lucky to have family and friends that believe in me. Believing in somebody even when you have tons of reasons not too will be a challenge to everyone sometime in their lives. So when somebody confides in you by telling you they want to spend their lives doing something impossible like walk on water realize their looking to you for some reassurance. Don't shoot down their wild dreams as if their the dumbest thing you have ever heard, well you can do that if you want to be a sucky person. Instead I advise you bring their dreams back down to Earth with some constructive advice or if you can't do that wish them luck with a smile. You can believe and support the person without truly supporting their dreams.

Sooo it has been awhile since I posted and really I don't have a reason why. I could say I am busy studying for school which I am, I could blame it on the fact I now sneeze every five freaking seconds, I also work and am trying to force myself to run again but really 24 hours is enough time to fit lots of things in. I have learned that if it is something you really want to do you will always find time for it, twenty four years on this Earth has taught me that. I love to write, I lovee to blog, and I want to be better at both things. I am back, even though I officially never left, and I am going to the end! After this very scintillating post I only have 328 more to go! I am glad this is a marathon and not a sprint because this girl is not the speediest person but she likes to finish what she starts.  Good thing that I suck often I should have plenty of material to make it to the end. This is going to be a fun ride :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

36. Rules are made to be broken...Right?

I rarely drive the speed limit and routinely get annoyed when people in front of me delay me by driving slow. I have had one speeding ticket in my life which I was technically going 20 miles over the speed limit which is considered reckless driving but the nice officer was kind enough to put my speed lower so all I had to do was pay the fine. It was on a road out in the country where there is no reason that the limit should be 65 but that is an argument for another day.Was I mad I had to pay a fine, umm heck yeah that thing cost me at least 200 dollars. But I thought about how many times I have sped in my life and realized I should be happy one speeding ticket is all I've ever gotten.

36. Rules are made to be broken...Right?
Cheaters sometimes do prosper, it's the truth they seem to have this gift of knowing what they can away with. During our lives we will be told more often then anything what we can not do. We have rules and laws which are meant to protect us from ourselves. Without a higher authority threatening us with the possibility of life in prison we would all be running around acting a fool taking everything we want out of Target while attacking each other just because we can. We all work for companies that have strict guidelines letting you know what will get you fired. So there are rules we break and rules we follow, I speed some people do illegal drugs really it's your life and you know exactly what can happen when you get caught. When the day comes you really only have yourself to be mad at not the rule or law. Yes, other people routinely do the same thing you did and get away with it. Yes, you have you probably done whatever you did to get yourself in trouble multiple times. No, you can't be mad at your job for disciplining you or the police for arresting you. You suck a little if you think there is anyone but yourself to blame.

Sundays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week! Well  I take that back Saturdays will forever be the love of my life. Today my mom and Bhavisha fulfilled their goal for the week which was to eat at The Lady and Sons. Sadly Paula Dean did not make an appearance but we did eat way too much food which was as far from healthy as you could get. Also today was the last day of my moms visit so I am starting my countdown to December when me and Bhavisha head back to the Midwest for a whole week! I can not wait, I am so ready to see everybody. Until then I will be super busy learning every single muscle in the body and what they do.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

35. Know what your risking

 Eeek! I suck at making decisions, I go back and forth with every single possibly outcome usually until I am forced to pick something or someone else picks it for me. Then after I make a decision I will likely spend hours possibly even days trying to figure out if I made the wrong decision. In the end sometimes I make the right one and sometimes I make the wrong one but I always end up kicking myself even if I did what I thought was best to do at the time.

35. Play the game, reap the rewards, and face the losses
You know those moments of complete clarity where suddenly you understand the world and feel so at peace it's like you could be related to Ghandi? I think those are the best moments to make life changing decisions and every decision has some risks. Risks come with the little game everyone is playing called life and there is no way around them. Trust me I have tried very hard to keep all the good things while running away from the bad and for some reason I still haven't found the magic wand that can do that for me. You should only risk what you are prepared to really lose, so should you sell all your possessions and use all the money to buy lottery tickets? The answer to that question is no, unless you had the dream where Shaquille O'Neal gives you the winning numbers while wearing his outfit from Kazaam. Risks come with every choice we make, you have to give up something to maintain balance you can't win all the time. When the time comes to pay your debts pay them, don't say you won't because things didn't work out the way you wanted them too. Sucky people are the ones who place bets that they can't pay. 

I was so confused when a customer told me at work to have a good holiday weekend because I did not even know there was a holiday coming up. So I stood there for a few minutes contemplating what holiday comes after Labor day but before Halloween?........I could not come up with anything! So I asked my manager who told me that Columbus day is this weekend. Seriously Columbus day? I guess if I worked in an office or for the government I would celebrate having the day off but other then that I can not really think of a way to celebrate this one. I can't get behind a holiday that doesn't encourage drinking and/or a very large meal. I'm not ashamed to say I'm that shallow when it comes to the holidays I participate it. But to anybody who does celebrate Columbus day hope you have a good holiday weekend!

Monday, October 4, 2010

34. Don't turn little battles into wars

Scenario: Meet Bobby and Sam, they are roommates in a two bedroom one bathroom apartment. Bobby and Sam met during their college years became pretty good friends and decided to move into together since they both got jobs in the same city. First few months living together they got along pretty well, they each had a few habits that annoyed the other but nothing extreme. One day Bobby came home from work to find that the sink full of Sam's dishes that had been sitting there for over a week were still there stinking up the place. Gasp! What do you think Bobby did?
A. When Sam's got home from work they had a conversation which would probably would go something like:
"Dude, can you wash you dishes our apartment smells like butt."-Bobby
"Yeah man I got you."- Sam
"Not trying to be a dick it's just nasty Bro."- Bobby
"It's my bad son, I was just being lazy hoping my mom would come over soon but I'll do them.''-Sam

B. Bobby takes the dirty dishes and puts them in Sam's room with a nice note saying, "Wash your dishes so our apartment doesn't smell like butt!"

34. Don't turn little battles into wars
Most people have neighbors or roommates because naturally unless your Bill Gates you can't afford to live on your own private island. (But if I was Bill Gates I would definitely buy my own island which would include but is not limited too: a Rum bar,  personal chef that can make fried macaroni and cheese, a giant movie screen used for Rockband not movies, and a personal masseuse.) Interacting with other people brings about situations where your actions will cause another persons' reaction, which means think before you act!  If it is some annoying habit just tell the person it bothers you, snapping on them probably makes them want to annoy you more. Don't take something simple such as a accidental bump and make it into a screaming match in the middle of a bar. Sucky people can turn small misunderstandings into a featured court case on Judge Judy.
Be smart, recovering from battles is easy but some of those wars leave scars.

Back to the scenario, what did Bobby do? Drumroll........he did B which made Sam to empty the bagless vacuum cylinder onto Bobby's floor with a note saying, "If you knew how to vacuum maybe the apartment wouldn't smell so bad douche." So of course Bobby had to retaliate by drinking all of Sam's alcohol so Sam then ate all of Bobby's food which led to them each doing stupid things to piss off the other until it all accumulated into an nice fist fight. Instead of starting a battle Bobby started a war, if he would've went with A everything probably would've ended with a nice Bro handshake.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

33. Excuses lead nowhere

I have been in college for too dang long and still have no clue what I want to do for a career. Well actually I did find something I want to do recently I just have to work out all the kinks. Anyway I really do not know what I have been doing the last five freaking years. 

33. Excuses lead nowhere
If somebody asked me why I haven't graduated college yet I could give them plenty of reasons while replaying all the different scenarios to justify why I haven't. Then they will say okay cool good luck with everything and I would continue on. Truth is it doesn't matter why, all the excuses in the world won't change the outcome of anything. In the record books they don't put side notes if half of the opposing teams players had the flu or if they lost because their coach was arrested. All that is recorded is the wins and the losses nothing in between. You will win until you lose and you will love something until you hate it, the in betweens or should have beens are nothing more then topics for future discussions that won't change anything. So stop with the lame excuses, people who sit there constantly coming up with reasons why they can't do something are sucky people. You can do anything you want you just have to actually want to do it. Decide what you want and go for it, failing beats the excuse of not trying anyday.

Today is a sad sad day, the Colts lost! Such a bad game let's hope next week goes a lot better. But tomorrow should be a good day for me I have work then I should have class. I am still working some things out with that but if everything goes right then tomorrow will be my first day of class towards my physical therapy assisting and for some odd reason I'm excited for it. Laters!

Friday, October 1, 2010

32. Secrets, Secrets are really not fun

I'm not psychic, if I was I would have won the lottery by now. So for me to know that you have secrets you have to tell me you know something. You know how people act surprised when the dirt comes out? They really need to ask themselves if they didn't subconsciously want everyone and their mom to know. If you really didn't want something to get out you would tell absolutely nobody not even you dog.

32. Secrets, Secrets are really not fun
You know what is annoying, people trying to tempt you with something they know but won't tell you. If you are going to announce that you know something good then turn around and say oh I can't tell you because it is a secret I reserve the right to give you the stank eye. For one, why did you even announce you know something if you weren't going to tell me what you know. When people announce they have secrets what they want to happen is for everyone to continually beg them to spill until they finally relent. But before they tell you the juicy bits of information they make you promise not to tell anybody else which of course works every time....Not! You want to know how "secrets" get spread? Chain of information, follow it and you can usually trace the leak right back to the source. For two, I now know to never tell you where my gold is buried because you obliviously can't keep a secret. So people who like to spread around the secrets other people trusted you with kinda suck, I say kinda because it's half the other person's fault they should have known better then to trust you.

I have learned that Savannah, GA loves fireworks. I have lived here a almost two months and there have been about six displays of fireworks. Because of Oktoberfest there were fireworks going on tonight on Riverstreet that we were going to go too but decided to rest up for tomorrow night instead. What does that mean for Saturday night? It means I'm booking a seat on the Hot Mess Express and I can't wait!