Saturday, October 23, 2010

40. Bad Hygiene will make you some smelly friends

My teacher in my first class told a very interesting story today and by interesting I mean disgusting. We were discussing in class about how important personal hygiene was on a health care level. Apparently in his family they all take showers before they go to bed because his wife has preached that dirty bodies don't belong in beds. Well his son, who is 25 years old, was home from school and some of his friends needed a place to stay while in town for a family death. His son was surprised his friends didn't shower before they went to bed which really isn't too weird I personally shower in the morning but to each their own. But one of his friends revealed in a morning conversation that showering is not a daily habit for him. Even worse he gets four days out of every pair of underwear through a system he come up with:
Day 1: He wears them normally
Day 2: He wears them backwards
Day 3: He wears them forward again but turns them inside out
Day 4: He wears them backwards again inside out
I almost puked in my mouth after he told this story

40. Bad Hygiene will make you some smelly friends
There is no reason why anybody can't shower at least once a day! Seriously people for one how uncomfortable is that dirt build up on your skin and if I can smell you I know you can smell yourself. To all those smelly people out there that I have to wait on in the pharmacy, or sit next to in class you kinda suck. If you can not have good hygiene please invest in some industrial Febreeze that you carry with you at all times.  I can only hold my breath so long, I seriously wait on people that I can smell even though I am not breathing through my nose. Sick! So I know you do not want to suck so please people shower regularly.

Fridays are pretty much my longest day of the week, I have class from 8:00 to 4:30 then I work 5 to 9. The class part usually isn't too bad especially since so far I have gotten perfect scores on all my tests. (knock on wood) But by the time I get to work where time suddenly moves as fast as a slug through sand I am probably not the nicest person. For some reason the end of the week is when people show up with the dumbest questions, I am talking about the common sense questions that they ask with a straight face. Somebody asked us if it was ok to use hydrocortisone cream when she use Neosporin the day before. For one their both over the counter and for two they are applied topically they don't leak into your bloodstream for days or anything. I mean seriously this conversation took fifteen minutes from my life that I want back.


  1. Bad hygiene = Big bad problem! Ewww

  2. Holy cow. 4 days out of his underwear? That is DISGUSTING. O_O