Monday, October 4, 2010

34. Don't turn little battles into wars

Scenario: Meet Bobby and Sam, they are roommates in a two bedroom one bathroom apartment. Bobby and Sam met during their college years became pretty good friends and decided to move into together since they both got jobs in the same city. First few months living together they got along pretty well, they each had a few habits that annoyed the other but nothing extreme. One day Bobby came home from work to find that the sink full of Sam's dishes that had been sitting there for over a week were still there stinking up the place. Gasp! What do you think Bobby did?
A. When Sam's got home from work they had a conversation which would probably would go something like:
"Dude, can you wash you dishes our apartment smells like butt."-Bobby
"Yeah man I got you."- Sam
"Not trying to be a dick it's just nasty Bro."- Bobby
"It's my bad son, I was just being lazy hoping my mom would come over soon but I'll do them.''-Sam

B. Bobby takes the dirty dishes and puts them in Sam's room with a nice note saying, "Wash your dishes so our apartment doesn't smell like butt!"

34. Don't turn little battles into wars
Most people have neighbors or roommates because naturally unless your Bill Gates you can't afford to live on your own private island. (But if I was Bill Gates I would definitely buy my own island which would include but is not limited too: a Rum bar,  personal chef that can make fried macaroni and cheese, a giant movie screen used for Rockband not movies, and a personal masseuse.) Interacting with other people brings about situations where your actions will cause another persons' reaction, which means think before you act!  If it is some annoying habit just tell the person it bothers you, snapping on them probably makes them want to annoy you more. Don't take something simple such as a accidental bump and make it into a screaming match in the middle of a bar. Sucky people can turn small misunderstandings into a featured court case on Judge Judy.
Be smart, recovering from battles is easy but some of those wars leave scars.

Back to the scenario, what did Bobby do? Drumroll........he did B which made Sam to empty the bagless vacuum cylinder onto Bobby's floor with a note saying, "If you knew how to vacuum maybe the apartment wouldn't smell so bad douche." So of course Bobby had to retaliate by drinking all of Sam's alcohol so Sam then ate all of Bobby's food which led to them each doing stupid things to piss off the other until it all accumulated into an nice fist fight. Instead of starting a battle Bobby started a war, if he would've went with A everything probably would've ended with a nice Bro handshake.