Friday, October 1, 2010

32. Secrets, Secrets are really not fun

I'm not psychic, if I was I would have won the lottery by now. So for me to know that you have secrets you have to tell me you know something. You know how people act surprised when the dirt comes out? They really need to ask themselves if they didn't subconsciously want everyone and their mom to know. If you really didn't want something to get out you would tell absolutely nobody not even you dog.

32. Secrets, Secrets are really not fun
You know what is annoying, people trying to tempt you with something they know but won't tell you. If you are going to announce that you know something good then turn around and say oh I can't tell you because it is a secret I reserve the right to give you the stank eye. For one, why did you even announce you know something if you weren't going to tell me what you know. When people announce they have secrets what they want to happen is for everyone to continually beg them to spill until they finally relent. But before they tell you the juicy bits of information they make you promise not to tell anybody else which of course works every time....Not! You want to know how "secrets" get spread? Chain of information, follow it and you can usually trace the leak right back to the source. For two, I now know to never tell you where my gold is buried because you obliviously can't keep a secret. So people who like to spread around the secrets other people trusted you with kinda suck, I say kinda because it's half the other person's fault they should have known better then to trust you.

I have learned that Savannah, GA loves fireworks. I have lived here a almost two months and there have been about six displays of fireworks. Because of Oktoberfest there were fireworks going on tonight on Riverstreet that we were going to go too but decided to rest up for tomorrow night instead. What does that mean for Saturday night? It means I'm booking a seat on the Hot Mess Express and I can't wait!

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