Thursday, October 21, 2010

39. If you can't dance alone you don't belong on the dancefloor

I had a hard time trying to come up with a topic today I am pretty sure as the week progresses my mind becomes slower. I have wanted to learn to play guitar for a very long time but I haven't. Before it was because I was too scared to go get lessons by myself, when walking in unknown territory having somebody to go with you makes you more comfortable. I even bought a cheap guitar off of EBAY but I lacked the discipline to teach myself.  I have to say there are a lot of things I have wanted to do but I didn't because I didn't want to go alone or I didn't want to be the organizer in some situations. I want to skydive but I haven't, I want to take dance lessons but I haven't, I want to run marathon but I haven't and I want to learn how to surf but I haven't. Nowadays my financial limitations have stopped me from doing anything but as soon as I graduate it is game on because if I really want to do something I should be willing to do it by myself or else I don't want to do it bad enough.

39. If you can't dance alone you don't belong on the dancefloor
Guess you can take this one literally and metaphorically, I think the main thing I am trying to say is be strong enough to stand alone. People whose interests and personalities vary depending on who their friends with or who their dating kind of suck. If you have an idea of who you are then you can go into situations and grow instead of becoming a whole new person with every new situation. If you know who you are then nothing would stop you from going into the middle of any dancefloor and shutting it down.

I realized today how good exercise really is, I felt amazing after I finished my six mile walk/jog. I don't know if it was the weather was amazing today or I am past the painful beginning workout stage to the getting back in shape stage. I worked out four days this week and gradually I am getting closer to being back in shape. I miss the high school days when I could do five miles a day and not take 3 hours. So my new goal is to be able to run the entire six mile trail and for the first time in a long time I really think I will complete this mission. Other then this small accomplishment my day is consisting of much needed study and homework time which I don't mind really. There are two countdowns I can start one would be to November 10th when my sister Michelle and Rosemary come to Savannah to visit!!! I am so excited for them to come hopefully the weather stays good and they have fun. My other countdown will be to the last week of December when I make my return to the Haute and also my first quarter will be done which means seven quarters left until graduation!!!  Lots to look forward too :)

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