Saturday, October 9, 2010

35. Know what your risking

 Eeek! I suck at making decisions, I go back and forth with every single possibly outcome usually until I am forced to pick something or someone else picks it for me. Then after I make a decision I will likely spend hours possibly even days trying to figure out if I made the wrong decision. In the end sometimes I make the right one and sometimes I make the wrong one but I always end up kicking myself even if I did what I thought was best to do at the time.

35. Play the game, reap the rewards, and face the losses
You know those moments of complete clarity where suddenly you understand the world and feel so at peace it's like you could be related to Ghandi? I think those are the best moments to make life changing decisions and every decision has some risks. Risks come with the little game everyone is playing called life and there is no way around them. Trust me I have tried very hard to keep all the good things while running away from the bad and for some reason I still haven't found the magic wand that can do that for me. You should only risk what you are prepared to really lose, so should you sell all your possessions and use all the money to buy lottery tickets? The answer to that question is no, unless you had the dream where Shaquille O'Neal gives you the winning numbers while wearing his outfit from Kazaam. Risks come with every choice we make, you have to give up something to maintain balance you can't win all the time. When the time comes to pay your debts pay them, don't say you won't because things didn't work out the way you wanted them too. Sucky people are the ones who place bets that they can't pay. 

I was so confused when a customer told me at work to have a good holiday weekend because I did not even know there was a holiday coming up. So I stood there for a few minutes contemplating what holiday comes after Labor day but before Halloween?........I could not come up with anything! So I asked my manager who told me that Columbus day is this weekend. Seriously Columbus day? I guess if I worked in an office or for the government I would celebrate having the day off but other then that I can not really think of a way to celebrate this one. I can't get behind a holiday that doesn't encourage drinking and/or a very large meal. I'm not ashamed to say I'm that shallow when it comes to the holidays I participate it. But to anybody who does celebrate Columbus day hope you have a good holiday weekend!

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