Tuesday, October 19, 2010

37. Everyone needs someone to believe in them

I think there were a few careers I had in mind when I was a kid. When I grew up I wanted to be either a veterinarian, be a rockstar, or find the cure for cancer. I probably bounced around from some other ideas but those are the ones I remember. When were kids our miniature worlds seems enormous, our parents seem to be our fearless leaders, and we attack every new experience as if it were the best thing every invented. Then we grow up to find that Santa doesn't exist, that we can't eat candy for every meal, that people do bad things for no good reason, that we can do everything right then still not get the ending we want, and nothing absolutely nothing stays the same. I think any dream you have as a kid stays with you in some sort of way, the child versions of ourselves are the same as the adult versions just with a lot less damage.

37. Everyone needs someone to believe in them
In my career as a college student I have gone from wanting to be a physical therapist to an athletic trainer to a pharmacist to an accountant to a business administration major to where I am now which is a physical therapy assisting major. With my pitiful track record I could get why people would doubt my current goal or really doubt if I will ever graduate from anything. But I am lucky to have family and friends that believe in me. Believing in somebody even when you have tons of reasons not too will be a challenge to everyone sometime in their lives. So when somebody confides in you by telling you they want to spend their lives doing something impossible like walk on water realize their looking to you for some reassurance. Don't shoot down their wild dreams as if their the dumbest thing you have ever heard, well you can do that if you want to be a sucky person. Instead I advise you bring their dreams back down to Earth with some constructive advice or if you can't do that wish them luck with a smile. You can believe and support the person without truly supporting their dreams.

Sooo it has been awhile since I posted and really I don't have a reason why. I could say I am busy studying for school which I am, I could blame it on the fact I now sneeze every five freaking seconds, I also work and am trying to force myself to run again but really 24 hours is enough time to fit lots of things in. I have learned that if it is something you really want to do you will always find time for it, twenty four years on this Earth has taught me that. I love to write, I lovee to blog, and I want to be better at both things. I am back, even though I officially never left, and I am going to the end! After this very scintillating post I only have 328 more to go! I am glad this is a marathon and not a sprint because this girl is not the speediest person but she likes to finish what she starts.  Good thing that I suck often I should have plenty of material to make it to the end. This is going to be a fun ride :)

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