Sunday, October 10, 2010

36. Rules are made to be broken...Right?

I rarely drive the speed limit and routinely get annoyed when people in front of me delay me by driving slow. I have had one speeding ticket in my life which I was technically going 20 miles over the speed limit which is considered reckless driving but the nice officer was kind enough to put my speed lower so all I had to do was pay the fine. It was on a road out in the country where there is no reason that the limit should be 65 but that is an argument for another day.Was I mad I had to pay a fine, umm heck yeah that thing cost me at least 200 dollars. But I thought about how many times I have sped in my life and realized I should be happy one speeding ticket is all I've ever gotten.

36. Rules are made to be broken...Right?
Cheaters sometimes do prosper, it's the truth they seem to have this gift of knowing what they can away with. During our lives we will be told more often then anything what we can not do. We have rules and laws which are meant to protect us from ourselves. Without a higher authority threatening us with the possibility of life in prison we would all be running around acting a fool taking everything we want out of Target while attacking each other just because we can. We all work for companies that have strict guidelines letting you know what will get you fired. So there are rules we break and rules we follow, I speed some people do illegal drugs really it's your life and you know exactly what can happen when you get caught. When the day comes you really only have yourself to be mad at not the rule or law. Yes, other people routinely do the same thing you did and get away with it. Yes, you have you probably done whatever you did to get yourself in trouble multiple times. No, you can't be mad at your job for disciplining you or the police for arresting you. You suck a little if you think there is anyone but yourself to blame.

Sundays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week! Well  I take that back Saturdays will forever be the love of my life. Today my mom and Bhavisha fulfilled their goal for the week which was to eat at The Lady and Sons. Sadly Paula Dean did not make an appearance but we did eat way too much food which was as far from healthy as you could get. Also today was the last day of my moms visit so I am starting my countdown to December when me and Bhavisha head back to the Midwest for a whole week! I can not wait, I am so ready to see everybody. Until then I will be super busy learning every single muscle in the body and what they do.

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  1. Hi there AFon! I'm your newest follower. What a fun idea for a blog! Only one speeding ticket, eh? I've gotten two and should also have gotten several more. What can I say, driving fast can be a lot of fun! : )