Friday, April 1, 2011

47. Trashcans...Trashcans...TRASHCANS!!!

Ugh I really do not like when things are where they are not supposed to be. Example would be candy wrappers in the park that I walked in and old food left in the library. We all have our own trash to deal with I really do not want to clean up other people's because they were too lazy.

47. Trashcans...Trashcans...TRASHCANS!!!
They are usually in your proximity if you look for it. I even did a little experiment before I wrote this post and I found a trashcan within feet of me everywhere I went this morning. Of course I understand not everybody has somewhere to put trash in their car but I'm going to suggest a little solution to that predicament....throw it away whenever you stop driving because chances are there is a trashcan wherever you are going. Sucky people throw trash out their car windows, while their walking down the street, and I'm assuming on on their bedroom floor. Quit being lazy and making somebody else pick up your trash because even if they are sanitary workers they are not babysitters! Don't Litter. Don't Suck  <-------Bumper sticker or campaign slogan?

This post was quick because I have to get to work and I wasted time catching up on random things online including celebrity gossip. All of a sudden today feels like one of those days I wish I could've just laid in bed while ignoring the existence of everything around me. But I don't have that luxury so I went to the car place just for them tell me they couldn't find anything wrong with my car and then I came to the library to use their poopy computers. What kind of computer needs an instruction manual to get sound to work on headphones! I ended up just giving up because it was just one more battle I did not feel like fighting today. And for the love of god air conditioning should not be kept below 20 degrees. Ok that ends my complaints for the day. Hope anyone that reads this has a day with an Icee in it because days with Icee's are always good days. Laters!

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