Sunday, July 31, 2011

49. Hindsight & Foresight: the two superpowers WE all need to use

I have a really bad habit of not studying..ever. I don't know why but I sit down to study and everytime I end up on Facebook or Twitter or most likely watching random Youtube videos. So whenever I tell people im studying 80% of the time is spent doing something other then studying and then 20% of that time I might actually learn something that I need too. Now if I used my superpowers of hindsight and foresight then maybe I would not continually want to punch myself after every test I take where I should have done better. My powers of hindsight should tell that remember the last time I didn't study for my test and pretty much failed it. Then my powers of foresight could chime in to tell me that if I stop wasting time looking at pointless stuff and actually study then I might get a good grade instead of praying that I passed the stinking test.

49. Hindsight & Foresight: the two superpowers WE all need to use
"Hindsight may keep you from repeating the same mistakes but foresight could save you from ever making those mistakes in the first place."

Soo remember that time everybody warned you that you shouldn't do that thing because its going to blow up in your face then you acted surprised when in fact it blew up in your face? Ohh yeah you try to pretend that never happened but it did and you have nobody to blame but yourself. We all have those friends that complain to us about the boys they always take back even though they has cheated on them multiple times or only called once a year or just plain sucked. Next time your friend starts crying and telling you the same story you've heard 5000 times please remind them of their own powers they need to start using. Tell them next time he promises that he is a different person they should remember all the past times he sucked and realize that history repeats itself unless you stop it. So do not be a sucky person that never learns from their mistakes and never looks before they leap. Trust me all you will end up with are heartbreaks and skinned knees.

Ahhh this is my first post in a while so I will definently have to come back and shake some of the rust off. Anyway I am riding high off of my summer of vacays right now and trying to make it through another quarter of school. My mind is still in Vegas where I left it, pretty much the best vacay ever sooo didn't want to come back to GA. I am excited though to take my first cruise in a couple weeks though!!! I can't wait to have 5 days of just chilling, drinking, and eating with my sisters and friends. I already know that one is going to be one for the record books also.

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