Thursday, January 26, 2012

53. Unless I offer you my shoes don't try to wear them

I am not afraid to admit that my decision making skills are not the best. I seem to like to do things the hard way. If you graphed my failures next to my successes it would be a very one sided picture. I'm ok with the longest learning process we all will ever have to participate in which is also known as growing up. Living life means we have to take some unavoidable hard hits literally and metaphorically. The amazing thing is were all still here. As long as you got out of bed today and did something that could possibly be called productive then cheers to you because your still in the game.

53. Unless I offer you my shoes don't try to wear them
I will admit I've made bad decisions and I have no problem with accepting the consequences from said decisions. What does piss me off is when somebody tells me step by step what they would've done if they were in my shoes. I'm already fully aware of how bad the decision was I really don't need you to continually express every which possible way you would've done better if you had been in my position. If the words, "If I was in your shoes then I would've done.......," then you suck! Giving your thoughts prior to the decision is advice but throwing out your thoughts after the decision can't be reversed is just useless and patronizing. Do us all a favor is keep your imaginary scenario to yourself because guess what you have one huge benefit that I didn't have which would be my failed experience! Of course you wouldn't do what I did because you obviously already know it doesn't work! Unless your a lemming and have no learning curve then I hope your don't repeat someone elses failed experiment the exact same way and expect a different outcome. So please read this and continue trying not to suck I realize its a daily struggle.

I'm a mess but there is still hope that one day ill be less of a mess then I am today. That's really all I can hope for. Until next time!

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