Monday, February 25, 2013

55. Physical Beauty should not be the only goal you have in life

Pretty people, pretty pictures, pretty clothes, pretty shoes, pretty cars. What they all have in common is that they are easy on the eyes and we all love to look at them and sometimes stare embarrassingly long at them hoping they can't see us doing it. In case you didn't know you are not a secret service agent and yes the guy or girl your stalking out can feel your stares like a laser beam so you should just go say hi I like your shoes or something semi-normal. Being good looking or wanting to be is not a fault or negative goal entirely, feeling attractive in turns gives us the self-confidence to be comfortable in our skin. So go find the best version of yourself that you want to show off to the world then dance in the streets and when somebody stops you because you are so freaking good looking please be able to hold a converstion about things other than reality tv shows.

55. Physical Beauty should not be the only goal you have in life
You want to lose weight thats cool. You want to have some elective plastice surgery umm ok its your body. You can't leave you house without a full face of makeup I won't judge you. You only care about how hot you are and require that fact to be validated by the general public on a daily basis then we honestly would not be friends nor be able to have a conversation. Physical beauty is a good positive goal to have but please for the sake of humanity as a whole have some other goals too. The worst thing is seeing somebody attractive have the personality and intelligence of a rock. We live in a world where in a high percentage of situations the emphasis put on physical beauty far outweighs eveything else. But honestly have you noticed that most of those people who became famous because of their looks can not hold a simple conversation. Lose the weight and get hot but also learn a language and volunteer somewhere. Also for the love of jeezus please have some sort of idea about the current events going on in the world around you. Don't be that sucky person who obsesses about their looks and what everyone around them looks like. If the sentance "I only like being around good looking people" or "Ugly people should not be allowed in here" or "I just naturally find the best looking people whenever I go because thats who I can relate too" comes out of your mouth you SUCK! Also beauty fades and pretty things get boring to look at.

Rainy days and Sundays always get me down? I have a feeling I really butchered those songs lyrics but you get the idea. My day off ended up being a rainy one that makes it hard for me to get motivated to do anything but eat in front of the television. I did accomplish some semi-productive things but I feel as if I did easy things so that I can say I didn't waste my day. After this libray trip I will do some more shopping then head to my spot on the couch. Summer 2013 please be exciting and full of bad decisions along with laughing until I pass out surrounded by the loves of my life. Is that asking too much? Nahhh didn't think so (:

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