Thursday, February 28, 2013

56. Adaptibility is not a bad quality to have

In life there is rarely anything that is one step besides the entrance to a one story home. You want to cook a special dinner first thing is deciding what you are cooking then you figure out the recipie which may come from memory or Pinterest. Really you are just getting started because you now need to hit the grocery store to collect all the ingredients which may or may not be available due to the many factors that naturally work against the plans we make for ourselves. Somehow you manage to leave the grocery with all your ingredients and without being attacked by a zombie. So you walk in your house and you start getting out of the things you think you will be needing to create this masterpiece of a meal only to realize after 10 minutes of frantic searching through your cabinents that you loaned your only baking dish to your friend two months ago. Now this is where things could change. What do you do next? You need the dish to cook the meal so going on without the dish would involve changing the entire meal. Which let us be honest your not Gordan Ramsay so you have no clue how to change an entire recipe around. Your finishline is dinner but in the middle of your race to eat there has been a gamechanging alteration. Borrow a dish from a neighbor? Drive back to the store to buy a dish? Call your friend who can never return anything they borrow in hopes she will rush it over to your house? What is your next move going to be.....

56. Adaptibility is not a bad quality to have
I can not tell you how many times my plans have turned into huge messes that led me nowhere near the place I planned on going. That is life. Odds are nothing will work out exactly the way we think it will. Rain happens even when the weather channel says it won't. People don't show up after they promised that they would. Jobs don't start even after the manager who interviewed you shakes your hand as if your the coolest person they have ever met. Sh*t happens. What we do when it happens is whats important. PLeaseee I am begging you do not be that person who refuses to veer from the plan A path because they have no idea how to adapt to the spur of the moment unknown. The person who would rather see something fail or not happen instead of maybe going with a plan B or C is a sucky person. Being adaptable is a good thing, being adaptable is really the only way to survive in the jungle aka life. So don't suck, adapt.

Soon I will no longer be driving the 2 hours to and from work everyday soon so that is a GREAT thing. The road is not exciting nor fun at 7 am. Sidenote anybody who wants to organize my life and maybe make some life decisions for me is more than welcome because I can not seem to have a complete thought. Besides me being the usual crazy person that I am I do hope there is some possibility that I can reach the point of routine. I don't need easy just routine would be more then welcomed by myself. Anywho that is where my head is at, but I can't complain because people have worse issues daily than I have had in a lifetime. Enjoy the last day of February everyone who knows what March will bring (:

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