Monday, August 30, 2010

11. Ignorance is bliss but only if you know your ignorant

Confusing? Yess. Now let me explain, rule of thumb you are only as dumb as the last question you asked. It is better to admit you don't know something then to look dumb trying to pretend like you do. Still confused? Hmmm things get lost in translation so easily. Let me try to explain my thought process which is hard because sometimes I don't even get it. Now what I mean is everyone has a brain that is capable of learning and growing. Now some brains grow and learn faster than other brains but anybody can learn. Next point is that people who choose ignorance do it because for a short time it is the easy thing to do. An example would be choosing not to look up your grades for a few weeks because you would rather party it up with the bit of hope you didn't fail the class you never attended. It's ok because you're just buying yourself some more stress free moments. You are choosing to be ignorant but you know your doing it. You also know that the information is out there and once you receive it your in the know again. My former head pharmacist Jay always said ignorance is the best defense. This is because when people come to tell you that you did something you can't do if you say you didn't know you couldn't do it then they will just say don't do it again. Faking ignorance could actually save you one day remember that.

11. Ignorance is BLISS...But only if you know your ignorant
Now let's talk about the truly ignorant people out there. We all have encountered one a time or two, their the people that no matter what you tell them they retain nothing.  It's the people that still claim the Holocaust  didn't happen. Ignorant. Or the people who believe every stereotype like all black people eat friend chicken or that all Asians do nails. Ignorant. Then it's the people that say they hate all gay people or just say they hate a whole demographic. IGNORANT. It is not physically possible for somebody to have met every person in a demographic so that statement should never come out of any body's mouth. Sad part is these people do not even realize that they are ignorant, ignorant people suck.

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