Saturday, August 21, 2010

4. Do not Lie...I repeat do not Lie!!!

Where to even begin, not only does lying suck people that lie suck. With this one your in a lose-lose situation. I would actually be lying to you if I said I have never lied, everyone has done it at some point in their lives. Lying usually paves an easier road to walk on and 9 out of 10 times people don't get caught. I understand the thought process with lying because you feel that you are saving yourself from whatever or whoever.What I don't understand is how some people put themselves in a situation where they lie but know they will get caught sooner then later.

Let me think of a few examples....ooh once a friend of mine lied to my face well not my face because we were talking on the phone. Anyway it was about something that if she would've just told me the truth to begin with we would not have had any problems. But she lied to me once then had to lie to me again to attempt to cover up her other lies, this was all over the course of a weekend. Then she called me Sunday to apologize for part of the stuff she lied about because I had already knew she was lying. The point of the story is really if she had told me the truth to begin with I would have given my opinion and we would have been done. But instead I was mad she lied and for awhile I didn't talk to her. Just sucks that one bad move can erase years of decent ones. Do not risk it.

4. Do not Lie (or at least try to keep it to a minimum)
In most cases I always going to say it is better to tell the truth but a small lie like saying a meal someone cooked specially for you was good even if it wasn't is fine. I personally would rather keep things simple telling the truth leaves you with less to remember. Look around you to those people you know that always claim drama follows them, chances are it is not hard to pinpoint exactly where the drama started. Like when a guy or girl is practically married to somebody then cheats on this person with somebody else. Newflash people IF SOMEBODY IS WILLING TO LIE TO THEIR HUSBAND/WIFE WITHOUT HESITATION THEY WILL NOT HESITATE WHEN IT COMES TIME TO LIE TO YOU. Do not act surprised either because all your friends were letting you go along thinking you're clever but really if you could hear all the conversations they have when your not around they are calling you an idiot. Just think it through before you go around throwing around lies. If you feel that a small one is needed go ahead but don't say you weren't warned. When that 10th time rolls around your going to be the one looking like a sucky person.

Ooh and to warn anybody that reads this I just realized how to do update this blog thing through my cellphone! Which means very random side entries and even worse English sorry for ya.

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