Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7. Do What You Say Your Going to Do

In case your did not know keeping your word is important because it is really the only thing most people you meet have to go on. If you go against your word a few times people will stop believing anything you say. Which if you have heard of the boy who cried wolf you know it is not a good idea to be the person nobody believes. Anyway today we are going to use a scene from the play You Suck At Life which is an one man show (off Broadway of course) that renacts moments of random suckyness. I highly recommend seeing it if you are more of a visual person it is very entertaining. Anyway I think a scene from the play go along very well with today's topic.

Scene 1: The setting is actually two places, the first one is an office and the second is a bar.
First Girl 1 calls her friend Girl 2 from her office.
Girl 1: Hey do you want to grab a drink later? I get off work at 6.
Girl 2: Umm...yeah...sure...ok. I can meet you there at 6:30. (Girl 2 is debating if she really feels like having a drink because she kinda feels like lounging on the couch.)
Girl 1: Are you sure you want to go? You don't have to if you have something else to do.
Girl 2: No it's cool I'm just being lazy.
Girl 1: Ok, just meet me at the bar because I will just go there right after work. See you later!
Girl 2: Sounds good!
Fast forward a few hours and Girl 1 is sitting at a bar all by herself.
Girl 1: It is 7:30 and I have been sitting at the bar by myself for almost an hour. She sent me a text saying she was about to leave 30 minutes ago.
Girl 2: Blahh I really don't want to go out now let me text her because I'm not moving from this couch.
Girl 1: Seriously. She is seriously not coming! If I would've known she didn't want to grab a drink I would've gone home after work. Man she sucks!
Scene ends with girl 1 sitting all alone at the bar, drinking by herself....sad scene I know

7. Do What You Say Your Going to Do
I understand we can not predict the future things happen which keep us from doing things that we planned on doing. Girl 2 was 80% sure she did not want to go out so why did she not just say that from the beginning? Having to cancel a plan because you got hit by a car or not doing something you said you were going to do because you have whooping cough is understandable. But since these events really do not happen that often I am going to let you know you are a sucky person if you don't do what you say you are going to do. It is so annoying when people say their going to do something with no intent of actually doing it. Usually when people know you are not going to show up they will make other plans it is that simple. Also it sucks when something doesn't get done like a  team homework or work assignment because the person that said they could do it doesn't. Don't be a sucky person if you have no intent of doing something then say it up front and if something comes up ask for help.

Sort of delirious today I think I have been getting way too much sleep. So that explains why this post is a little A.D.H.D. Goal for today will be too......dang I really need to work on finding something of substance to do tomorrow. Hopefully the post tomorrow will be a little more clearer but I can't make any promises.

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