Thursday, August 19, 2010

2. Have Common Sense

Now I am not trying to proclaim that I have all the answers to everything but I am trying to figure out why we all do dumb things. One of the things I have decided that people lack is common sense. Now when most people make decisions I hope they try to envision what their actions will bring about. I define common sense as just knowing not to do dumb stuff. I will never understand why people will do things and then look at you as if they do not get why they didn't get the end result they were expecting. You know what people I am talking about, everybody has had that conversation where you find yourself nodding your head while in your mind you are just thinking why am I friends with somebody so dumb.

Let me find some about my new roomate whom I have known since the 3rd grade and I have asked her often if she thinks anything out. She for some reason just now realized that because of school she won't be making as much money since she can only work weekends and is worried about paying for our apartment. Now anybody else would have had this thought miles ago (I am only ok with this because I know her family will help her) but she just doesn't think about the end result of anything. I just don't get that because before I do something I think of all the possible outcomes, like if drink this 8th shot of Captain I will puke or pass out at the bar. I don't understand how people lack that thought process.

2. Have some freaking common sense
In the dictionary common sense is defined as the
sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence. Hmm this brings me the debate that extremely smart people lack common sense. I have heard people say that because your a brain scientist it is ok that you do not pick up on social cues. I think if I had the choice between being highly intelligent with little common sense or being of normal intelligence with a lot of common sense I would go with door number 2. There are just things that should not have to be discussed as in when somebody invites you for a cookout bring chips or something and when you walk out of a door look behind you to see if you should hold it open. Common freaking sense people!!!
Anyway this entry is a little bit crazy because I am one bottle of wine in and about to open another so sorry if it is hard to read. Love my family and miss them more then ever!! 

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