Sunday, August 22, 2010

5. Give More Than You Get

Today is Sunday which means for some people it's the day of the week you go to church or for others it is the day you will spend recovering from a terrible hangover. Either way Sunday is the day of rest so I am going to try to keep this post positive because after all who wants to have their rest interrupted by negativity :)

Now let me explain what I mean by give more than you get.....I do not mean you should live in a cardboard box and give all your possessions away. Because if you do that then won't you just become a person of need? I never quite understood those stories of people who were millionaires then they decided they're lives would be more fulfilled by giving all their money away while moving to Africa to build schools or wells or something. I respect anybody that chooses to do that I am just saying that person will likely not be me. One because I would choose to help the people I know first. Then two if you are smart enough to make millions be smart enough to teach others how to do it. Help others help themselves. Another side note the whole continent of Africa is not a poor destitute war zone. I love that people want to help people there but they should also realize that the people there are willing to help themselves too. Don't forget there are people who need help everywhere.

5. Give More Than You Get
A sucky person would be that greedy person. It is the person who takes what they need then takes extra because they can. Then they do not care if there is none left for the next person. Let me put a disclaimer in early, I am not saying your a bad person if you have money and don't go around giving it away. You worked for it you deserve to spend it how you please. Trust me I am far from being Mother Theresa. But I am saying help whenever you get a chance too and do not be greedy. Simple, thats it. And if you don't want to be a sucky person then whenever your in a position to help somebody do it with no strings attached and no expectations. Truthfully everyone will need help at some point in their lives. Also if your the friend that always rides instead of taking your turn to be the driver it will not take long before your friends would rather not pick you up. Also don't be cheap at the expense of other people, save money but don't do so by letting your friends spend theirs. It is all about balance give and take, balance leaves everybody a little less bitter.

I am now going to watch a movie and plan for tomorrow to be a super productive least a day that gets me out of my slump. My new idea is being positive because I have already gotten way more then I've deserved so I can't really complain. Sidenote: is it just me or are most of the blogs on here religious based?

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