Thursday, August 26, 2010

9. Ayo Debbie

Describing words. Those dang adjectives that we use to somehow tell people who we are or to tell people who somebody else is. It's hard isn't it? Problem with describing people is that people change so often you can only describe them in the moment that you know them. Somebody that was bad in high school could be a good born again Christian five years later. Or someone you would have described as goofy could easily become somebody sophisticated through the years. That is kind of the beauty of life, we all will get more opportunities to grow that staying same the exact person for 80 years is almost impossible. If you had to put yourself into lets say five words, who would you say you were or even more dangerous how do you think somebody else would put you into five words. Hmm five words to describe myself right now.....Friendly-Patient-Adaptable-Awkward-Positive

Ok so right now I am in the optimistic hopeful mood because things really can't get too much worse. So I went pretty easy on myself but I need to get to the today's topic. If somebody described me I hope they would say that for the most part I am a positive person. I have my moments of bitterness trust me but I try to be optimistic especially about situations that can't be changed. If something happens complaining about it constantly probably won't change the situation. Life is short and full of so many possibilities dwelling on the negative is worthless. People that constantly remind you of what is wrong with the world are downers. Debbie Downers actually.

9. Ayo Debbie
I know everybody has had a debbie downer experience (what do they call  depressing guys... negative nick? haha works for me). Any experience can be brought down faster then an anchor if you have a person who will constantly point out what is bad about it. Actually Debbie downers and Negative Nicks are anchors, they keep things from moving in a positive direction. Not only is it annoying when you have to listen to somebody who just won't stop complaining it can really kill the mood.  They can make a bad experience worse. So when something bad happens assess the damage, pick yourself up and move on. Seriously if I can pick one trait that any successful happy person has it would probably be that their positive even when they have every reason not to be. See the sun in the rain. Carpe Diem. Whatever gets you smiling do it. I promise you nobody will ever tell you they regret that they were too positive throughout their lives. So in case you didn't pick up on it all you Debbie Downers and Negative Nicks you suck. Quit being sucky people and go live a little! Go play with a puppy or something geez

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