Wednesday, September 8, 2010

16. Why You Gotta go and make things so complicated?

I would like to thank Avril for the inspiration on this one. Puzzles are fun, when I was younger we went through a puzzle phase. Those 1000 piece puzzles would sit out on the table until we finished it and we would freak out if we lost even one piece along the way. That would be bad news bears for sure. Why did we have to do the 1000 piece puzzle instead of hmm an 100 piece puzzle. You get the same result at the end of both kinds, you get some picture of a flag or pony. So why did we feel the need to do the puzzle with the 1000 small pieces. Because it was a bigger challenge and bigger challenges bring bigger rewards. Back then 1000 pieces just seemed so much more exciting.

16. Why you gotta go and make things so complicated?
I think it was in middle school technology class or maybe it was high school Spectra....anyway in some class we learned the acronym KISS which means keep it simple stupid. I really do not understand why some people just feel the need to make simple things sooo complicated. Leads to why we have all had hours of conversations spent counseling friends on should they stay with their boyfriend who still hangs out with his ex-girlfriend who is dating his best friend that your hooking up with. I mean really people do we just need drama to survive. I do not get it, sometimes I can't even keep track of who is friends with who. You know where it gets really bad, goodness you want some constant drama hang out in any workplace. It never fails as soon as one person walks out of the door you will hear what everybody else is saying behind their back. It is like for a group of people to function there has to be hierarchy that involves various people being punching bags. So in case you can't decipher who the sucky person is in this topic it is the person making things complicated. The person who brings the drama or always brings obstacles for anybody involved to jump through. Complicated is not always exciting sometimes it is just annoying.

For some reason I am on my way to becoming an insomniac because for some freaking reason when 3 a.m. rolls I feel like my day should be starting. Which is weird because I have never worked a night shift in my life so why my body feels that 3 a.m. is the best time for me to be productive I don't know. Guess this means I need a career that happens between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. This sucks because if I went to bed right now I would get about 5 hours of sleep. Ahh thank you internal clock for getting screwed up somewhere in the last few weeks. Hopefully tomorrow I can trick my body into being semi-normal and actually start my work oh lets see during the hours of anytime before 3 a.m.
......sooo expect a post tomorrow right around this time because like everyone else my body doesn't listen to me.
***Sidenote, if we removed cuss words and the word like from our vocabularies they would sound really different. Because we use like as a filler usually to buy time for us to complete our thoughts and curse words are really just unimaginative. So today when your talking attempt to do it without using the word like or any curse words and see if your conversation doesn't seem ten times more intelligent.

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