Saturday, September 4, 2010

12. Write your judgments in sand not stone

I'm back!!!!! Anybody miss me? No ha oh well. This week has been a little bit off schedule, I haven't been posting regularly and for some reason the posts from my phone came through in gibberish. But now that my friend has headed back to Kentucky I am no longer on vacation which means I have to actually have a schedule that involves more then eating, drinking, and hanging by the pool. Sadface to doing actual work but I am ready to do something productive. Now while I have been gone I have of course kept my eye out for sucky people and their random acts of suckyness!

Now on to today's little topic: judging people. We all do it and anybody that says they don't is a freaking liar. It is human nature to pre-judge everything, consider it a reflex. You walk into a room you of course look around the room and depending on who else is in the room you decide where you want to go. If you see somebody covered in dirt your going to assume they can't afford a shower.We are attracted to people most similar to ourselves or how we view ourselves. If outward appearances were not a deciding factor throughout our lives we would not spend nearly as much time as we do trying to maintain them. There is nothing wrong with this and really judging will likely save you a few times in your life. You know how it could take you a few times hearing a song before it grows on you. Everything and everyone changes, nothing is ever the exact same the second time around. That little feeling in your stomach telling you not to trust somebody will probably turn out to be right in the long run.

12. Write your judgments in sand not stone
Now we have established that judging a situation or person is human nature and that we all do it. Realize after you have made those little judgments of yours realize that they could be wrong. You could get it all wrong! We've all done it, made a snap judgment then come to found out later that you are totally inaccurate. I work in pharmacy and selling drugs to people puts you on the defensive. Just because most of the time you are right when you think people are abusing drugs. You assume people coming in buying nasal decongestant looking dirty are making meth. Most times my assumptions turn out right but there have been a few times that a person has walked up to the counter looking like their on meth and turns out they just sick. So the lesson of the day, go ahead and judge but give people at least an opportunity or two to dispute your judgment. Because we all have our off days and we should allow other people some wiggle room every now and then. Don't be a sucky person and judge somebody then not give them a chance to surprise you. Everyone loves a good surprise :)

Now today has been one of the longest days of my life and I realized people are crazy among other things. I'm going to attempt some homework then ill probably lay myself down to sleep. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

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