Saturday, September 18, 2010

27. If it is really so great why are you trying to give it away?

Some people have no shame or conscious. Search the internet for tales of scams and you will get back a good amount of responses. You will hear of people who promise you the world and then steal your money before disappearing. In my life experience I have found that if it sounds too good to be true then not only is it not true but by associating with it you will walk away with less then you came with. 

27. If it is really so great why are you trying to give it away?

Anybody that can make money off of nothing more then hard work and intelligence I am impressed by you. A good business transaction is when both people on each side of the deal walk away feeling satisfied. As in any good relationship if one person is not satisfied transaction is finished then it was a failure. A good business man has repeat customers who not only use the product or service but also recommends it to friends. Now people that make money off lies and over exaggeration are not practicing good business they are stealing within the law. Scam artists piss me off and really are sucky people because all you are doing is taking advantage of others to benefit yourself. With my recent attempt of finding a new job because I got screwed by my current employer I have had a few run ins with some scams. I can't believe people actually have the nerve to put up fake jobs so that people will apply and then you can off some dumb service or online college for them to sign up for. All these commercials proclaiming "I found the way to make a ton of money and I want to tell you how to do it" or "I was poor and living on the streets now I am a multimillionaire and I want to tell you my secrets", are soo lame. If you had some secret no fail way to make money you would not going around charging people to find out what it is. If you really had some magical money plan you would keep it to yourself or tell your close friends then spend the rest of your time vacationing on your own private island. Sucky is as sucky does I guess.....(yeah I don't really know what that means but it makes sense at least it does with rum in my system!)

So I took a little trip to the liquor store the other day and made a bit of a discovery....
Thats right all you vodka drinkers can suck it! Because us rum drinkers can now join you in your love for the inexpensive flavored vodka brand Burnett's. Seriously the only flavor of vodka they don't have is mint and I am sure that one is on it's way. Anyway I am a Captain Morgan fan until the day comes I puke off of it so it pains me to say that with a recent decrease in my cash flow I have to go generic on my alcohol purchases. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this little bottle sitting on the shelf and I knew I had to try it. I can't say that this replaces the Captain because we all know nothing will replace the Captain but this fits my budget and helps me accomplish my the only goal I have when I drink which is to get drunk. So thank you Burnett's  from all the people who can't afford Captain Morgan we owe you big time :)

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