Saturday, September 25, 2010

30. Listen, think about it then respond

I work in a world where people only hear things ten minutes after you tell them. It is so weird because sometimes it really feels as if were playing follow the leader. The leader is always far enough ahead that they are sitting there waiting for the person with their feet kicked up reading the tv guide and eating bon-bons. I exaggerated a little bit there I know nobody reads tv guide anymore, can you even still buy those? I had at least six different conversations today that involved me saying the same thing in about three different ways before the person understood and not because their dumb people but because I wasn't saying what they wanted to hear. I don't get it, do people really think asking me the same question multiple times is going to magically change the answer to what they want it too be?

30. Listen, think about it then respond
Please, please I am begging you do not reply or act unless you have heard and processed what somebody just used brain cells to tell you. If you ask somebody a question and don't get the answer you want back you should not ask the question in a different way expecting the answer to change. It will save soo much time if people listened more and acted less. More often then not people go on what they thought they heard and not what they actually heard which is pretty sucky. People who don't listen suck. I have done it many a times, I just keep moving on without really hearing what somebody is saying then later on down the road it comes back to punch me in my face. I hate getting punched in the face : (

Tomorrow is Sunday. The Colts play tomorrow. We shall see if last Sunday was a fluke where they were pretending to be a well oiled football machine or if are going to suck it up all season like they did against the Texans. Only time shall tell and time is telling me right now I need to be productive tomorrow like super duper productive. Til next time!

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