Friday, September 17, 2010

26. I can see you I'm not blind and if I was blind unfortunately I'd still see you

 Let me see how many ways can I say this. There are those people that are shall we say a bit needy. Not needy as in my car ran out of gas and is now blocking the road can I get money from you. But needy as in I need you to give me attention before I explode. I know you hear me, I need you to acknowledge you hear me then continue to repeat those two steps every two minutes.How else can it be described? Attention whore.Yep I think that sums it all up, the people that seriously need to be constantly reminded that their not invisible are the exact people you wished were invisible.

26. I can see you I'm not blind and if I was blind unfortunately I'd still see you
Could you imagine what the conversation would be if all the attention whores of the world were forced into one room. There would be no conversation because everyone in the room would be talking very loudly and nobody would be listening. A group of us went out with a girl recently that if she was talking and not enough people were listening to her she would wave her hand around yelling everyone needs to listen to the short girl until we all looked at her. Man that little short girl almost lost an arm that night. Attention is grimy if you have to demand it I think, the kind of attention you have to demand is usually negative anyway. Don't be an attention whore and chase after grimy dirty attention because then you suck. Like when two girls make out with each other on Spring Break that is for grimy attention or when guys on the beach strike a pose to flex their muscles its for grimy attention. Oh or when people are pathological liars telling stories about how they hung out with the pope that it is all for grimy attention. Or when people are in a public place having a conversation super loud trust me it is not to blend into the crowd. Lesson of the day don't be an attention whore because it is annoyingly desperate and sucky. That is all!

Tomorrow brings a day full of homework, library time, job hunting, and a forced but highly enjoyed workout. Hitting the path along the marsh tomorrow and doing the whole six miles! Ohh I am cleaning too I know you wanted to know that. I finally watched the Grey's Anatomy season finale and O-M-Goodness, I can not wait until next week when it is new again. But if they mess with Meredith and McDreamy I will get mad because it took five seasons for them to actually be happy. They are too cute together, I miss the days of watching shows with my sisters that we dvr'ed. I could go for an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras right now. Gimme the crown Witch! 

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