Monday, September 6, 2010

14. Try not to be extremely lazy

Procrastination is a talent of mine, I am actually pretty awesome at it. If I have to write a ten page paper for class that I was given two months to write I will probably wait until the last week before class is out to do it. Then I will spend every last minute scrambling to get it done so that I can get a passing grade. Why do I continue to do this, well I am lazy when it comes to certain things. I will watch a movie instead of reading for school or I will sleep in instead of working out. My laziness typically only affects me so I am not too worried about it. Sometimes I will actually do my homework ahead of time and sometimes I won't. Now since my laziness only effects me I would not say that I am extremely lazy. The people that are extremely lazy are just annoying.

14. Try not to be extremely lazy
Again I am going to go to my job for an example of extreme laziness. Since I work in the pharmacy people will call us when they run out of refills and expect us to call their doctor to get them more. Guess what calling your doctor for you because you are too lazy to do it yourself is not in my job description we do it as a courtesy. So when people call yelling at us because we didn't get a new prescription from their doctor really not our fault. Some doctors offices actually require the patient  to call themselves because really it just makes more sense. Littering is another example of extreme laziness because really how hard would it be for you to find a trashcan. Rule to live by, do not ask anybody else to do something that you can do yourself. Extremely lazy people suck. 

For some reason I am super tired and am falling asleep as I write this so i'm taking a nap before I tackle the two weeks of schoolwork I haven't done. Yep procrastination at it's finest. I will probably never learn.

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