Thursday, September 16, 2010

25. Run out of your comfort zone

Conversation I had with a girl once:
Her: What are you doing this weekend?
Me: Nothing really, probably going to a frat party since it's homecoming. You can come if you want.
Her: I hate frat parties
Me: Have you ever been to a frat party?
Her: No, but I have heard things about them
Hmmm how can you b sure you really don't like something if you have never tried it personally. Even if your twin absolutely hated something and you guys have the exact same tastes you might still want to give it a try. You should try it because there is still the smallest possibility that you could like it even if everything you know about it says you won't.

25. Run out of your comfort zone
Monotony has to be the killer of creativity. Doing the same exact thing every single day is so boring. The thing I like to do most is anything I haven't done before. I will try anything at least once, well excluding truly exotic foods or hanging with deadly animals like snakes. Other then those things bring it on! I want to try it all skydiving, surfing, run a marathon, travel anywhere, climb mountains, or whatever else I can find I want to do it. Attempting new things are pretty much the only way to grow. Sucky people don't like to try new things and they try to talk others out of trying new things. If it ends up that you don't like whatever it is you tried then at least you can learn from the experience.

The weekend is nearing and I don't see anything exciting happening. I am tempted to do a kayaking tour but I can't really justify spending  money on it. Could join in the Thirsty Thursday festivities but thats looking a little doubtful. So I'm going to likely spend the weekend looking at my computer screen continuing my terrible attempt at school this semester. Ahh I need an assistant to do my homework because I don't want to do it. At least I am for sure off Saturday, hopefully I have Sunday off too!

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