Wednesday, September 15, 2010

24. Being a Spectator is the easy part

I love sports, football season is my favorite time of year while also giving me a good reason for some Sunday fundays. Music is another thing I am a fan of, I pretty much am obsessed with it. It brings a tear to my eye when I say I haven't been to a live concert in years. Man I freaking miss those days when we always made it to concerts every year. We drove drove to Chicago and back in one day just to see the Usher Confessions Tour. Me and my sister drove eight hours in one day just for that concert. I am fan and a spectator of a lot of things, so I choose the things I want to watch/support nobody tells me that I have to watch games or go to concerts or visit museums. (Yeah the museum thing is just an example after being trapped at the Getty Museum in L.A. for hours I have not been to another one.) It sucks that other people want to be mean and do stupid things just because they feel like it.

24. Being a Spectator is the easy part
I never really understood why people go to concerts and throw bottles at the artist performing. Or go to football games then start fights with people rooting for the opposite team. Or try to start a fight with a professional boxer or MMA fighter when you see them out somewhere. Then you have those people that feel the need to go on Youtube or Twitter to attack something. It never fails on most videos posted on Youtube there is some random person saying how much the video sucks or how the person in it is the worst singer alive or how ugly they are. If you don't like something either be constructive with your criticism  or simply say you don't like it. Do not think you have the right as a spectator to personally attack something or someone because people that do that are sucky people. Seriously nobody cares what you think and nobody needs you to post irrelevant viscous negative comments when people are just trying to express themselves. There is a reason you can pick who you follow on Twitter and luckily you can also unfollow people! So all of you people with nothing better to do but attack others for no reason you have permission to shut your mouth now. Dueces

Soo you want to know how not to spend your day off! How about literally sleeping through most of the day which is what happens when you suck at life. Yep I officially suck at life :( I got up this morning and went to the bank downtown then stopped at a few other stores then a cleaned a bit then passed out in front of my computer. I wasted the day today and accomplished nothing. Oh well on to the next one. I would like to thank Vh1 for making me want to go on the best cruise ever this year even more then I wanted to last year :( If anybody gets to go please send me all the stories of the amazing time you had because it is looking like unless I win the lottery I will not be there. Vh1 Best Cruise Ever 2011

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